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Concept map

Terms aranged by their closeless in semantics, can look like a brainstorming map. 3D tends to be the only sane way to display these.

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Think of a concept, and you taste it
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Lexical-gustatory synaesthesia is an odd condition, very rare. Its symptoms are such that when the sufferer thinks of a concept, their brain accesses its taste memories, and calls forth the taste of an associated food, as strong as it would be if they were tasting it now.

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Artificial Memories Placed in an Organic Brain
A proof of concept set of experiments demonstrates that with the aid of optogenetic neuroprosthetics, memory transferance between individuals is actually possible. This proof of concept also means that encoding downloadable knowledge as a set of memory engram activation patterns is at least possible.

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Real Sex, Virtual Worlds
Online sex has always been about real connection in a virtual environment. This article looks in depth at the concept, as wel las the concept of MMOEGs - Massively Multiplayer Online Erotic Games - that have risen over the past year, and flourished.

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Google Resurrects the old Stratellite Concept
Google's project Loon breathes new life into the old concept of a stratellite based internet backbone - relatively cheap blimps in the stratosphere, serving almost the same function as expensive, rocket-launched orbital satellites. The key difference being the transmissions are twice as fast as with satellites, as stratellites are only half the distance above the earth.

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Proof of Concept for “The 3D Printer Problem”
For SIGGRAPH 2013, one joint research team presented a proof of concept method to solve the 3D printer problem - the ability of any 3D printer to theoretically counterfeit any physical object small enough for it to print. They demonstrate a terahertz-radiation 'watermark' that can be 3D printed inside a genuine object, is easy to scan for, and very difficult to duplicate from the scan data.

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On Gameplay
An excellent article on creating a balanced game concept.

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Concept of Self - Exposed?
Proprioception may not be the stumbling block to true immersion we have always considered it to be.

Debuting the same year as the Matrix, this gem of a VR film was sadly overshadowed by the blockbuster. Yet, it has an equally if not slightly more poignant VR concept.

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A second look at school life
A detailed look at the uses of VR - notably Second Life, but the concept applies to any - to improve learning opportunities for teenagers.


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The new Mazel Identity i1 concept car, is a first in many ways, designed, engineered to finest constraints, and testedthoroughly, before a single physical piece of material was used, then built straight out from the VR based results.

Announced on October 18, 2007, the challenge is to create useful devices that solve specific challenges in Second Life. What's at stake is up to 100,000 Linden Dollars (L$s).

Electrolux agrees that you hold all intellectual ...

Researchers from the University of Duisburg-Essen and the University of Leipzig in Germany have devised a tool that uses speech recognition software and a database of word associations to automatically generate a map of concepts and associa...

Nokia has unveiled "Morph," a shape-changing mobile devices concept based on nanotechnology.

The concept demonstrates how future mobile devices might be stretchable and flexible, allowing the user to transform the gadget i...

Electronic components on the printed circuit boards used in electrical devices are becoming smaller and smaller, whilst their performances (must) improve. This means that more heat is released on a continually shrinking surface area.