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Cone Tree

A cone tree is a hierarchical data tree designed to be displayed in three dimensions, in an immersive simulation. Branches from any node are spread out in a cone. This allows a denser layout than traditional 2-dimensional diagrams, and requires 3D graphical generation as opposed to monitor display, in order to successfully navigate.

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Cone Tree


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Bohun Upas--the tree of poisons
The tree of poisons is an interesting specimen, defending itself with a poisonous vapour, that kills everything else for miles downwind of the tree...

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The Barnacle Tree
The barnacle tree is a strange one. Sprouting barnacles from it's branches, it offers life to a strange breed of bird, that crawls from these barnacle wombs.

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A story about a tree
There is no better explanation of how players interact, and form meaningful social bonds with each other inside a virtual world than this true story. Read it.

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Aztec Templo Mayor: A VR World in a Book
It's a novel concept, creating an elaborate VR world with painstaking detail then primarily only giving access to it through the pages of a dead-tree printed book. However, that is just what Antonio Serrato-Combe, professor of architecture at the University of Utah, did.

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A Bland World
Walking through the orchard on a warm summer day, the smells of nature in your nostrils, the soft padding of grass underfoot, you reach up a hand, and grab a juicy red apple from a tree, plucking it delicately. You bring it to your nose and smell the fragrance, then you bite into it. It is like chewing rubber. Completely tasteless. No juice, no sweet flesh, you cannot even detect it in your mouth.

Shrek is a lovably disgusting ogre, who lives alone in a swamp he calls home, in a rotting tree stump, covered with moss, and a lot of far worse things. He is mean, he is nasty, and he is alone.

Let?s not forget Donkey, the most incredibly aggravating talking donkey in the universe to date, who fits in ? or not ? somehow. Shrek?s storyline is downright hilarious in parts, deeply meaningful in others, and immersive throughout.

Two disk special edition.


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Disney and Google have announced Walt Disney World Resort in 3-D.

All four theme parks and more than 20 Disney Resort hotels of the Orlando, Florida, tourist destination have been placed on Google Earth.


University College London (UCL) neuroscientists have found that there is a simple pattern that describes the tree-like shape of all neurons.

Neurons look remarkably like trees, and connect to other cells with many branches th...

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