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Context Aware Service

A Context Aware Service is a still-theoretical type of augmented reality service that is essentially the ultimate form of location based service combined with strong AI and a behaviour intention model.

Put simply, it is a data service that only delivers the data to a user via a mobile computing device, if they are in a specific location or a correct area, it is within specific time parameters such as a given time of day, and depending only on the mental or physical activity the user is undergoing at the time.

To give an example, an augmented reality system might supply data overlaying the idealised posture to use whilst cycling as a wireframe model overlapping the user's physical body to their sight, only if they are at the gymnasium at the time, if it is within the gymnasium's hours of operation at the time, and only if they are actually riding an exercise bike at the time. If any one of these criteria is not met, no service is offered.

The benefits of such a service are legion. The problem is we don't yet know how to achieve such a system. Or more accurately, several elements we know will be needed, we are nowhere near creating.

A context aware service requires knowledge of where the user is, which is easily achieved through GPS. It requires knowledge of the time of day it is, and access to the service database, both of which are easily possible through networking. The hard part of course is analysing what the user is actually doing, and using a behaviour intention model combined with a strong artificial intelligence to predict what they meant to be doing. To use the example above, to determine how seriously they are taking the bike training as to whether or not to offer unbidden advice.

See also: Location Based Service, GPS, Behaviour Intention Model, Strong AI, Augmented Reality, Geographic Information Systems

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Context Aware Service


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