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Continuous Shading

Continuous shading is the smooth shading of polygons with bilinear interpolation. In other words, the brightness of the shading varies within individual polygons, without altering the colour being applied.

It is often referred to as gouraud shading.

See Also: Isotropic Shading,

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Continuous Shading

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Body 2.0 - Continuous Monitoring Of The Human Body
A detailed and in-depth article by the singularity hub, on the quest for integrating the human body with a sensory network, and what such will mean for us as individuals, health and life-wise.

The LifeShirt is a garment (not necessarily a shirt) developed by VivoMetrics, which monitors tyhe wearer's vital signs. Collecting a continuous stream of respiration flow, heart rate, breathing regularity, sweat production and other key metrics.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Beyond: Detecting a Problem
This image shows use of a diagnostic aggregate tool that we don?t currently have, but which is a very good idea. A continuous sweep of a large, sprawling VR, doesn?t check the VR itself, so much as request status updates from regional monitoring scripts in the area. Anything that shows as out of place, flashes.

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Researchers from Intel Corporation have improved their all-silicon laser so that it produces a continuous beam of light.

Useful lasers made from silicon would make it possible to move data between and within computer chips us...

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The 3D reconstruction of a face from a single 2D image could be made faster and more accurate with new software being developed by scientists at York University.

Dr. William Smith, a lecturer in computer vision at York, aims ...

The ex Blizzard veterans at Red 5 Studios have licensed the Offset Engine for an upcoming next-generation MMO. The technology should enable Red 5 to create impressive worlds while reducing time and cost.

"The Offset Engine b...

AG, a medical technology firm out of Graz, Austria, has received FDA approval to market the company's CNAP? Monitor 500, that performs continuous noninvasive blood pressure monitoring. It works as a stand alone device or in connecti...