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Convergence is the illusion in sterioscopic systems that all objects seem to come together at the vanishing point

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Connected cars
An article from the BBC on the coming convergence of smart grid computing and augmented reality for motoring - cars that know what is ahead and react to changing conditions.

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The Real Virtual Light
Virtual Light, a term coined to describe seeing without eyes, is something that has been semi-mythical for decades, whilst research quietly moves forwards. Now, we are starting to see a convergence of the technologies vital to making it a reality.


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"Convergence" is too bulky a word to do justice to all the pretty gadgets on display at the Consumer Electronics Show, or to describe how they are increasingly doing more to give consumers the content and connectivity wherever and wheneve...

May. 17, 2010 - Helsinki, Finland

We invite you to the fourth International Workshop on Ubiquitous Virtual Reality 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. IWUVR2010 will be held as part of the Pervasive 2010 conference.


British Telecom, Japan's NTT Communications, and another four international telecoms giants are joining forces, in the bid to create a bridge between wired and wireless telephone networksl.

The companies have formed the Fixe...

Festival Will Also Present the First-Ever Max Fleischer Lifetime Achievement Award to Fleischer Studios

October 20, 2004 Culver City, Calif. - The ION International Animation, Gaming and Short Fi...

Activision has announced they will be opening a studio facility on the DreamWorks campus. The new studio will help Activision and DreamWorks collaborate on upcoming movie-licensed titles such as Bee Movie, Kung Fu Panda, Rex Havoc and How t...