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Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is a term which VR, AR, AI and robotics technologies are becoming more and more familiar with. It refers to the disruption wave that ripples through both business and the underlying fabric of society as disruptive technologies mature, and applications of them displace, and often destroy older, more established industries or ways of life.

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Creative Destruction


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Some Uses of Fire
Fire is so much more than a tool of destruction, this natty article looks at the positive role the use of fire can have in so many skills, and even be used to farm the land. Consisting both of skill listings, and write up, this is an invaluable resource for use of fire.

Authored by Raph Koster, Chief Creative Officer of Sony Online Entertainment, this brilliantly illustrated book is a storyboard filled with inspirational ideas for all designers.

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Online Games & The Law, Part Two: Copyleft & Trademark
A practical explanation of Copyleft, that oft misunderstood alternative to copyright, and a look at trademarkig. Includes breakdowns of the requirements for all the major routes: Open source, GPL, Creative Commons.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: A Detective Story: A Computer is still A Computer
With a little creative thought, any modern-day convenience can be replicated in a world striving for an olden day feel, simply by changing its design to suit.

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Makers of Dusk and Dawn
A look at the ultimate future of MMOs and social VR - player generated content. Second Life have worked out they have the equivalent of $400 million dollars of creative input per year - how to leverage that kind of player drive, and grade it in a MMO?

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Pleasures of the Flesh #1: An Introduction
Finally someone says it; something we have all really known for years, but never admitted: "Being unaware of the world around you will not make you more creative or ensure originality. It will instead render your creations shallow, and your ideas uninformed." Make sure if you read nothing else today, you read this one!

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The Two Cs of Videa Game Design
Though this article deals with video games, the same can be applied to all interactive mediums, just as important as great design skills are creativity and communication skills. Teamwork, and cooperation are just as important as creative flair. Remember that.

World Review: Active Worlds
World Review: Active Worlds welcome screen
Active Worlds is a crossbreed. Nominally used as a 3D chatspace, its also a hive of creative building, the codebase for several RPGs, and the source of inspiration for many new VR ventures.

AW itself is made up of a collection of worlds, sharing the same graphical base, yet it manages to maintain cohesion as a 'worldlet' of sorts itself.
Rating 49.5
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Creative non-fiction guru and seasoned immersion journalist Gutkind observes that just as computers changed the world in the 1990s, robots will transform technology in the near future. To find out who is behind the growing robotic surge, Gutkind spent six years observing life at Carnegie Mellon's Robotics Institute.

Franklin's tour of contemporary thought on human, animal, and artificial minds introduces creative theories, models, and prototypes of artificial intelligence. After citing the scoffers' arguments regarding the improbability of fashioning artificial minds, Franklin examines some systems that do, in fact, exhibit aspects of intelligence.


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Both boys and girls who play video games tend to be more creative, regardless of whether the games are violent or nonviolent, according to new research by Michigan State University scholars. A study of nearly 500 12-year-olds found that the...

Adobe Systems Inc., on Wednesday announced a major update to its Flash Player 10 browser technology, featuring built-in 3D capabilities intended at empowering designers and developers to build Web sites with better video, audio, and graphic...

Bill Buxton, a highly respected computer scientist and designer specialising in the human aspects of technology, has joined Microsoft Research to work on a variety of projects in its labs around the world. Working as a senior researcher in ...

The cast of the action-adventure sequel "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves" are doing something most video game actors never do: They are rehearsing together in a room.

The crew of six practice a pivotal scene in the highly antici...

Electronic Arts, operators of the first MMORPG, Ultima Online, have announced the seisure and destruction of 15 trillion in-world gold, and the suspension of 180 player accounts for bug exploitation gold farming.

The vast qua...