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Cross Talk

Ghosting, or Cross Talk, is where the steroscopic effect breaks down, and the left eye can see part of the image intended for the right eye, whilst the right eye can see part of the image intended for the left eye. This produces ghosting, bits of the image floating where nothing should be, and a fuzzy image in general.

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Cross Talk



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Podcast: Sixth Sense AR Tech: TED 2009
This podcast is the talk by Pattie Maes of the MIT Media Lab's new Fluid Interfaces Group, presenting the work of her student, Pranav Mistry, and the Sixth Sense technological augmenation system that was the talk of the conference.

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South Korean robot will walk the walk as well as talk the talk
News from 2006 on the South Korean's attempt to create a robot which not only looks real but talks and moves realistically too.

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3D Engines > Vpython
Vpython, short for "Visual Python" is a 3D library specifically written for the open-source, cross-platform language, Python.

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Gender swapping on MUDs, a personal and social identity workshop
This is a well-argued response to a cross-newsgroup posting by a university student on gender-swapping in MUDS. Maybe the poster shouldn't have written the questionnaire from a biased perspective.

This book is an attempt to cross-reference the techniques of mapping and charting the physical world, with attempts to chart cyberspace. All of cyberspace, from individual virtual environments, through to the world wide web, as a single cohesive whole, a second world of many worlds, for others to explore, possessing the maps to do so.

A teledildonics interface, the thrillhammer materialised shortly after the sinulator. It sort of resembles the bastard child of a flogiston chair, a sinulator, and a rumble machine. The original was a sort of cross-pairing between a dentists' chair and a gynaecological exam table, thankfully they have come a long way since then.

A periodical journal, extending back over three decades; advocating the use of holistic approach to VR, general simulations, and gaming, in cross-industry cooperation, and the furtherance of all. Sharing more than a few core principles with VWN, this print journal is much older than ourselves, and, though it is fighting the same fight, is often constrained by academic limitations. Nonetheless, their influence is significant.

Adult VR worlds do not have to mean cybersex. Sometimes they are mature environments to wander and talk to others within, free from the presence of children.

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Book Quotes: Rights of Synthespians
A quote from the cyberpunk novel Idoru, from the section where the synthespian Rei's talk of marriage to a human is discussed.

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Podcast: Hod Lipson: Robots that are "self-aware"
Part of a talk from TED 2007. Hod Lipson demonstrates a few of his little robots, which have the ability to learn, understand themselves and even self-replicate.


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Designhergals.com has come up with a very clever way to raise money for breast cancer patients and their families...a virtual cross-country walk! Users can create a look-alike avatar that walks from virtual Harvard Square in Boston, MA, and...

Insulated Cross-arms, manufactured and sold by University of Manchester spin-out company Arago Technology Ltd., have been installed on pylons in some of the most stark and remote areas of the UK to test their resistance to extreme weather a...

19th August 2013
Los Gatos, California, USA

With the rise of cloud computing and the movement to add intelligent agents to the cloud, a number of new and interesting challenges result. What form will th...

BT and Talk Talk have lost an appeal over controversial measures to tackle copyright infringement online. The internet service providers (ISPs) had argued the UK's Digital Economy Act was incompatible with EU law.

The Act wi...

Researchers at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have developed a method to measure the toughness -- the resistance to fracture -- of the thin insulating films that play a critical role in high-performance integrated circui...