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Cutter Path

Cutter path is a computer aided design or CAD term. It is essentially another name for a negative extrusion. Negative extrusion is the act of taking a 2D plane, forming a shape on that plane, and then pushing out a solid object in that shape as a cylinder from that plane. Where the shape?s cylinder passes, a hole is cut in the existing model.

See Also: Extrusion, Positive Extrusion, Sweeping

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Cutter Path



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Managing An International Remote Development Team
How do you manage a development team that is spread all around the world? Occupying different timezones, and probably even speaking different languages? Integral Studios has been down that path, with a commericial product, and seek to share their experiences with everyone.

The Nintendo Wii - formerly the Nintendo Revolution, was formally announced at an E3 2006 press conference. The display screen lit up to a Mario game, with Mario running around, and picking up crates to throw at enemies - and the crate followed the same path onscreen.

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Virtual Limbs: Living with three arms
Virtual Reality is just beginning to head down the full body sensation reproduction path. We are at the very early stages of being able to recreate parts of the physical form, entirely in the virtual. This is a concept which is likely to have very a profound effect upon how we deal with the world around us.

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Show Me the Path
Linear plotlines are no good for interactive environments. Players need choices, they need different paths to follow, and they may even make their own. What are your options? How do you go about creating multiple paths, for the players to follow?

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Large Image Display:Animatrix: The Second Renaissance: Mastering the Brain, to Virtually be
Here we see the end of the first machine war, in the Matrix universe. The humans have lost, badly. They were quite simply crushed under the indefatigable strength and power of the army of machines. Yet, instead of wiping their enemy out, instead we see a use very similar to the premise of the computer game Strife, or the Borg from Star Trek. It is also of course, not too dissimilar from the path we are currently on, although preferably without the war.

The SportVue heads-up display for motorcycles and other motion sports is designed to augment the rider?s vision with a continuing display of computerised data about the terrain, weather warnings, their speed, and exact location on the course, without taking their eye off the path ahead.


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A researcher of the University of Granada, Spain, has designed a new system for the mobility of military troops within a battlefield based on the mechanisms used by ant colonies to move using a commercial videogame.

This work...

You pull out to overtake a slow lorry. Suddenly the lorry swerves into your path. You hit the brakes hard and avert a full-on collision by a whisker.

Thanking your luck, you drive on. But little do you know that the crash was...

With a smartphone in your pocket, you can email on the move. But even the best multitasker will find it tricky to keep an eye on the phone's screen as well as the path ahead.

That could change with a new Apple iPhone applica...

University at Buffalo's Virtual Reality lab have developed a virtual clay sculpting system to enable users to sculpt a block of clay, or anything else malliable. The resulting product is stored in VR, and can be produced using CAM manufact...

Augmented Reality devices are showing up more and more now, as this sight device for the blind or partially sighted demonstrates. The head-mounted computer tracks objects close to wearer as they move about.

As soon as it dete...