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Deck is a cult slang term for the array of interfaces, sensors and instrumentation which binds a physical body to the virtual environment, allowing the user's mind to act within, and feel a part of, that virtual space.

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The Basics For A True Alternate Life
In order to create a truly alternate life, totally separate from the physical, to 'begin anew' in the virtual, and live as the person you were meant to be, rather than live with the deck of cards you were dealt when you were born, what are the very basics required?

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Augmented Reality Entertaining: Magic Show
An overview and video of the first AR magic show, where Marco Tempest wowed visitors with a demonstration of his idea of the future of magical card tricks. Marco programmed his machine vision system to recognize ordinary playing cards as magic symbols, transforming each of the 54 cards in the deck into 53 different command symbols.


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Polaroid, the company famous for cameras that print instant pictures, unveiled an ultrasmall photo printer at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008.

Pollock calls the device, preliminarily dubbed the "digital instant mobile pho...

Select pilots in early 2012 will commence testing new flight control software, funded in part by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), intended to facilitate aircraft landings on Navy carrier decks with unprecedented accuracy.


July 14, Woodcreek Shopping Center, Conroe, Houston, USA. There will be a rather large lorry in the car park. A lorry whose trailer holds over a dozen would-be fighter pilots.

This is one of the US Navy's three virtual reali...

United Airlines said Tuesday it was replacing the hefty flight manuals and chart books its pilots have long used with 11,000 iPads carrying the same data.

The 1.5 pound (0.7 kilogram) iPad will take the place of about 38 poun...

You might think a robotic head mounted on the dashboard of your car would be a distraction. But car maker Audi and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology think it will actually provide less jarring directions than a standard satnav ? bec...