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Delta Wave

Delta waves are a type of brain wave which operate at very slow cycles, below 3Hz. Normally, delta exists only in sleep, and alters towards the higher end of its spectrum in dream states only.

See Also: Brain Waves

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Scent Wave is a single-scent dispenser, each unit holding and dispensing a single scent-stick. Using a dry-air technology that releases fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils, Scent Wave is one of those systems that will work after being bunged in a cupboard for six months. Used primarily in retail environments, this system often finds use in large-scale VR such as military simulations and immersive training.

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The Sinulator was the first of a new wave of teledildonics devices to be developed in 2004-2005. Essentially a remote-controlled vibrator with a USB socket on the end of a long cable, the Sinulator offers no touching, no hugging, caressing, or intimacy, but offers the first real, thou primative being with your partner through VR.

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Creating Polygonal Shapes through a Merger with Topology
By merging the traditionally distinct fields of topology and geometry, through the discovery of a new type of mathematics called persistent homology, math researchers have created a set of equations which simply describe the pattern and placement of complex fractals as part of a polygonal model - such as the unique froth on a wave, within the reach of real-time rendering


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