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Depth Cues

Depth cues are changes in light, shading, texture, or opacity that give the impression of depth as something gets further away from the viewer.

See Also: Eye Guiding, Isotropic Shading, Anisotropic Shading

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Where am I? Using Feature Cues for Navigation
The brain is built to handle such a 3D world, and employs a number of tricks to counter disorientation. These are tricks we can utilise in 3D spatial simulations, to help minimise disorientation there; but first we have to understand what the brain's tricks are, and how they operate.

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Scent Integration with VR: Determining Avatar's 'Age'
Surprisingly, we use the sence of smell every time we meet another person. For the subtle body odours our physical bodies emit, guide others as to our physical age, and provide cues on how to talk to us. As scent interfaces work their way into social VR systems, we need to give serious consideration to adding 'BO' to our avatars.

World Review: Sacred Seasons
World Review: Sacred Seasons welcome screen
Sacred Seasons is a gameworld. Designed and constructed using Flash, it attempts to show a cohesive world, using the MMO paradigm, and two dimensional graphics in an isometric-appearing world. Drawing cues from the BattleOn series of MMOs, this world is nothing special, instead being almost a checklist of every clich? and bad design decision in MMO history.
Rating 43.5
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I 0Wn Y0u, d0Od! Part Deux
A detailed, in-depth look at why selling content from within MMOs, to others can damage the business on the company in question, by looking at the effect it has on the costs of the MMO.

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Unicorns: The Unicorn's Meadow
A great little site, going into depth abut the unicorn. Well worth a look.

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Role-Play vs. Multi-play
An argument that playing multiple characters or alts on a roleplaying world, decreases the ability to roleplay in any depth. Well reasoned.

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Losing Players to Responsibility
A short, poignant article on the effects in any game or social VR environment where an individual from the userbase shows promise, and is given more and more responsibility until they feel they are completely out of their depth.

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'Addicted' to Warcraft?
The BBC have published an in depth piece following up earlier studies on addiction to the MMO World of Warcraft, examining both sides of the addiction phenomenon.

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A Brief History of Roleplaying, Part Two
A second look at the history of Role-Playing, with more in depth coverage of how the different types of system which encourage role-play have evolved over time.

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Large Image Display: Connecting Teeth to Artificial Bone
A much more in-depth look at the concept of designing multiple implants inside the body, so you can guarantee they will always connect perfectly, as demonstrated by the prototype LayerWise jaw and its successive implants.


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Clouds are not normally a boon for image-processing algorithms because their shadows can distort objects in a scene, making them difficult for software to recognise.

However, Nathan Jacobs and colleagues at Washington Univers...

A new study by scientists in France has revealed that the cerebellum region of the brain plays an important role in the ability to navigate when visual cues are absent, and is the first study to show this kind of influence of the cerebellum...

Audio is a complicated business. Our brains keep track of sounds as they move around us even when we are moving around as well. Now, researchers from the University of California at Davis have designed a relatively inexpensive spatial soun...

Mammals are good at figuring out which direction a sound is coming from, whether it's a rabbit with a predator breathing down its neck or a baby crying for its mother. But how we judge how far away that sound is was a mystery until now. Res...

(Press Release) Cheetah3D 3.3 has been released. Version 3.3 adds many new features like rendering depth of field. When depth of field is enabled distant objects or objects which are very close to the camera will appear blurred. This will a...