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Diffusion is essentially the property of light-scattering as held by a polygonal object?s surface. It is a determination of how much light is reflected, as well as absorbed, by the surface.

Diffusion maps are often applied over texturemaps, to indicate how the surface consistency changes across its surface. As the diffusion level drops, so does the reflectivity of light, thus less of the colour of the object is returned. At 0% diffusion all light is absorbed, and the object is essentially invisible at that point.

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Brain Reading: Diffusion Spectrum Imaging
Diffusion spectrum imaging is a new technique at time of writing, which allows magnetic resonance brain imaging, at a much higher level of fidelity than fMRI permits.

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The Brain Unveiled
Technology Review's long, and in depth look at the rise of diffusion spectrum imaging, and how this new neural interface imaging technique is rapidly accelerating the study of both human and animal brains to an extent unparalleled by any previous imaging technique, even fMRI.


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A new imaging method that offers an unprece?dented view of ?complex neural structures could help explain the workings of the brain and shed light on neurological diseases. Diffusion spectrum imaging, developed by neuroscientist Van Wedeen a...

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Researchers at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, in Philadelphia, have developed software that integrates data from multiple imaging technologies to create an interactive 3-D map of the brain.

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