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Digital Vocal Tract Modelling

Digital Vocal Tract Modelling is a form of virtual voice synthesis where the human vocal tract is modelled in three dimensions, and set in motion to produce virtual sound waves.

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Digital Vocal Tract Modelling


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Not a platform or modelling software specific book, Modelling Digital Dinosaurs is Ken?s first book, and it takes you through the basics of creating 3D representations of something which has fascinated and captivated for centuries ? dinosaurs. The book does this in a patient, kind, step by step manner, demonstrating techniques which really aid the beginning to intermediate modeller. Contains a free copy of Amapi version 1.5 on the CD in case the reader does not have a 3D modeller.

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Rapid interactive scene modelling from video
A new modelling system, VideoTrace; the result of a collaboration between The Australian Centre for Visual Technologies at the University of Adelaide, and The Oxford Brookes Computer Vision Group, is capable of taking the output of any handheld digital camcorder, and turn it into a 3D model.

The Vocal Joystick is a hardware interface for those with severe disabilities such as motor impairments. Provided they can make sounds with their larynx, even if they are not words, the user can navigate a virtual environment, or web page.

Not a platform or modelling software specific book, Building a Digital Human is Ken?s second book, and much like the first, it takes you through the basics of creating the 3D forms, in a patient, kind, step by step manner, demonstrating techniques which really aid the beginning to intermediate modeller.

The first generation of digital natives - children who were born into and raised in the digital world - are coming of age, and soon our world will be reshaped in their image. Our economy, our cultural life, even the shape of our family life will be forever transformed.

In Growing Up Digital, Don Tapscott revealed how the digital world created a generation that thought, played, and related to their world in a way radically different from that of their parents. In a fascinating follow-up to his seminal work, Grown Up Digital revisits the Net Generation as the eldest of its members turns 30, enters the workforce and marketplace, and establishes their roles as life-long learners and contributors to society.

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Medicine Management via Bodypart
One idea new to drug dispensation, is not to dispense the drug at all. Instead, take a leaf out of drip solutions. Anchor the dispenser to part of the patient, let it become a part of their body and, every time a dose is required, it dispenses straight into the digestive tract, or, even straight into the bloodstream.

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What's Delaying Digital Health Records?
The director of the U.S. Office of Health IT Adoption explains why it's so hard to get doctors to go digital.

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The Status of Realistic modelling on Home PCs: Technological Progress 2008 - Nvidea 8800
Recreating utterly realistic, and believable humanoid avatars has been a goal of graphic design and modelling since time immemorial. We take a look at the limit of the real-time capabilities of the Nvidia 8800, as to progression made, to date.

The proceedings of the second Modelling and Simulation conference IASTED (International Association of Science and TEchnology for Development) ran, back in 2002. This inch and a half thick paperback tome contains a 115 full papers from experts around the world.


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Computer voice research ? attempts to recreate a voice which sounds perfectly natural ? is advancing faster than predicted, at least according to some statements from researchers at the recent festival of Science in York, in the UK.

In 1997, the actress and singer Julie Andrews lost her singing voice following surgery to remove noncancerous lesions from her vocal cords. She came to Steven Zeitels, a professor of laryngeal surgery at Harvard Medical School, for help.

The words "intestinal bug" could gain a whole new meaning if a Carnegie Mellon University engineer is successful in his efforts to develop a medical robot for examining the intestinal tract.

Metin Sitti, director of the Nan...

Kodak, the camera firm, has had a brainwave. They have come up with a plan, using edible, bio-degradable RFID chips to monitor the digestive tract.

Kodak?s digestible tags are harmless and intentionally fragile. The tags wou...

At this week?s opening of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition (Atlanta, USA, November 16-20, 2008) Philips Research will announce its new intelligent pill technology ?iPill?, targeted a...