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Dual-boxing is a type of Multiboxing logging into a VR system as multiple separate avatars, characters, or accounts. Specifically, dual-boxing means the user is simultaneously controlling two avatars. They have encapsulated themselves inside two separate boxes as it were, with each box being one of the avatars. Two-Boxing is another name for Dual-Boxing that is often used.

As avatars become increasingly immersive, so multi-boxing becomes harder and harder to pull off, as a single user's concentration is at all times, split between two or more different points of view.

See Also: Multiboxing, Two-Boxing, Embodiment, Three-Boxing, Four-Boxing

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White House Deputy CTO Holds Dual Reality Event
Details of the first official US Government conference to address avatars in a virtual reality on an equal footing to physically present guests.

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E-Books Like Books: Flippable, Browsable
We take a look at the first of the lab-birthed dual sided E-book readers that works like a paper book, just bulkier and heavier. A step in the right direction towards paper books with dynamic data, but is it enough?


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(Press Release) AMD today announced the immediate availability of the AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor. The AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processor is poised to deliver an experience unmatched in the industry, targeting prosumer and digita...

At CeBit 2009, Asus has revealed an array of Eee PC products, one being a touchscreen Flipbook PC. It can be used as a laptop, an e-book reader or a multimedia machine for watching movies, and listening to music.

The dual tou...

Advanced Micro Devices has released a new version of its dual-core desktop chip as the back-to-school buying season heats up.

The Athlon 64 X2 3800+ will run at 2GHz and each core will have a 512KB secondary cache for rapid d...

At the International Solid State Circuit Conference (ISSCC), Holst Centre presented a dual-gate-based organic RFID chip with record data rate and lowest reported operating voltage. For the first time, the advantages of dual gate transistors...