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Dupe Item

A Dupe or Dupe Item is a virtual item, created by exploiting a bug in the world's coding. Possession of dupes is usually a serious issue in-world, and increasingly so outside of it as a duped high-level item can easily fetch serious money.

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Dupe Item


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Death and Taxes
A proposed method of eliminating virtual item trading outside of the world by means of invisible taxation upon trade.

Jurassic Park may at first seem to be an odd item for a site dedicated to VR to carry or promote. There have been countless dinosaur films apart from this, as well as two sequels to this film that we are also by and large not mentioning. So what makes this one special?

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Prosthetic Control Systems and Grace of Movement
For a great many, the dream of being graceful and smooth of movement - or even not scattering every item on a desk they try to lean over - is something of a fondly held dream. For others, even being able to walk unaided holds a similar place of reverence.

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External-Grade 3D Scanners
All 3D scanners have had one thing in common: You place the object inside the scanner, which performs a scan either around the object or through the object. However, if the item is too big to be encapsulated in this fashion, and you still have to scan it, you need an entirely different type of scanner.

Mass production of any item, lowers the production cost. Mass production of prosthetic limbs has never been possible in the past, due to the niche nature of replacement limbs ? just not a large enough market to justify traditional mass production facilities. Now, there are signs that that is changing, as it becomes possible to ?print? any structure in three dimensions, in almost any material, without customised facilities. The cost of mass production is disappearing from mass production.


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Whether itís season tickets to Green Bay Packersí games or silver place settings, divorce and inheritance have bred protracted disputes over the assignment of belongings. But, now, a trio of researchers has found a method for resolving such...

The world?s most advanced chatbot, the open source, twenty year old Alice, may have fallen from grace. Fears are growing that a clone is being used to dupe users of MSN's instant messaging service into downloading spyware.


A new controller, designed for the PS2 console by development company In2Games enables a full range of hand interactions, from fighting styles, to delicate item manipulation....

Project Entropia has been in the news in a major way, twice before, each time rocking the world with virtual item auctions that fetch massive amounts of money ? the last was the sale of the space station in 2005 for $100,000 us.

Now here's an odd item stereotypically coming out of Japan that might be of circumstantial interest to those in medical schools. The Wink Glasses are clip-ons that can detect one's blinking, and when the blinking slows, as when you're do...