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Dynamic Photorealism

Dynamic photorealism is a step up from photorealism. It is essentially the ability to keep things looking photorealistic whilst they are animating. Such that, if a screen capture was taken at any point during the animation sequence or real-time animation mix, the resulting still would remain photorealistic.

See Also: Photorealism

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Dynamic Photorealism


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AI Cars, Driving Like Hooligans
Stanford's Junior AI, on handbrake skid parking, without a human influence on the system, in dynamic environments, with only a two foot variance in position at 25mph. Or, the first baby steps towards dynamic switching between open and closed loop systems.

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High Dynamic Range Photography, and Use in Eye Emulation
H.D.R., or high dynamic range photography is a relatively new technique used by photographers to take high-quality full lighting range photos that are near-indistinguishable from paintings, for their ability to correctly replicate the lighting of a given scene, exactly how the human eye would see it.

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Player-Driven Class Alliance System
A definition document for an interesting, and incredibly dynamic approach to classes and guilds, within a roleplay setting.

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Soft-Edged Shadows
A coder?s article about creating realistic, dynamic soft shadow in real-time interactive, and complex scenes.

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VR Interfaces: Barco RP-360 dome
The Barco R-360 is a double hemisphere display system for flight simulation that offers carefully balanced highly dynamic displays of up to 140 megapixel, completely surrounding the user.

Published in 1996, this book is not exactly up on the current state of VR work, to put things mildly. It is a relic from an era where the hype was still building, the bubble had not burst, and VR seemed destined for mainstream before the century turned.

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Intelligent, Dynamic Toll
A prototype Israeli system designed to intelligently adjust toll rates and lane use according to actual, minute by minute, changing road conditions.

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E-Books Like Books: Flippable, Browsable
We take a look at the first of the lab-birthed dual sided E-book readers that works like a paper book, just bulkier and heavier. A step in the right direction towards paper books with dynamic data, but is it enough?

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Encoding smells in the Brain: A must for recreation?
Industry News

In early January 2008, a Rice University study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that socioemotional meanings, including sexual ones, are conveyed in human sweat. This raises the question for immersive spaces, if such dynamic scents need to be synthetically reproduced to provide a firmer social environment in tele-mediation.

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Large Image Display: Building a Dynamic Reality in the Matrix: Part 1
This is one of two such large images showing the process of building a Matrix Universe VR world via the process of animation, which makes it clearer to see what is going on and draw parallels to our own methods of building worlds.


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Simulation of mechanical systems

Mechanical systems simulation has always typically been a primitive branch of simulation. Individual moving parts have long been simulated working together, but a complete working engine in re...

In women with lower urinary tract symptoms, a medical imaging technique called dynamic MRI allows clinicians to diagnose pelvic organ prolapse ? a condition that often goes undiagnosed on static MRI and at physical examination, according to...

At SIGGRAPH 2004, same as in other years, VR firms see it as a chance to reveal -hopefully- revolutionary new interfaces. This year has been no exception. This high-dynamic-range (HDR) display uses active light-emitting diodes behind a high...

(Press Release) SHEFFIELD, UK (7 November 2005) - LightWork Design, supplier of rendering solutions for developers of advanced 3D computer graphics software, is pleased to announce a collaboration with Arc Technology, developers of the ARC+...

A Chinese semantic network with semantic (argument structure) annotation was built and investigated for finding its global statistical properties. The results show that semantic network is also small-world and scale-free but it is different...