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Eating Grass

Eating Grass is a somewhat morbid slang for a dead character in a MUD or MMO gameworld. It refers to the dead character typically laying facedown in the dirt, as if eating the grass.

See also: Dirt Nap

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Eating Grass


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Eating and Drinking in MUDs
Food in virtual worlds. It is not required to sustain a physical body, yet we often find our characters have to eat it, to 'sustain' their virtual forms. No balanced diet, eating is all that is required. What would happen if our characters' health was directly affected by what they eat? What if foodstuff could be combined by some core set of values to bring the cooking skill to a whole new level?

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The Gulon, a swedish beast of unbelievably disgusting greed. The eating habits of this one may well have you retching as you read.

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A Bland World
Walking through the orchard on a warm summer day, the smells of nature in your nostrils, the soft padding of grass underfoot, you reach up a hand, and grab a juicy red apple from a tree, plucking it delicately. You bring it to your nose and smell the fragrance, then you bite into it. It is like chewing rubber. Completely tasteless. No juice, no sweet flesh, you cannot even detect it in your mouth.

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Taking Stroke Rehabilitation Into The Technological Age
This virtual reality system focuses specifically on helping stroke patients regain more use of arm and hand movement, hopefully making everyday tasks such as eating, drinking and driving possible.


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A school in Georgia is using an account debit system with a computerised cash register, tied in to the school?s internet, so parents are kept informed of what their children are eating at school.

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