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Environmental Entity

An environmental entity is a simulated environment, which fully supports the dynamic elements of the natural geographic, atmospheric, and bathyspheric sub-environments that make up any realistic space.

If the simulation is a replica of a physical location, then it must try to replicate those sub-environments as accurately as possible to the actual observed conditions. If it is of a fantasised environment, then all three must be realistic to that environment.

Environmental entities are popular with military uses of VR, as they allow the synthetic environment to accurately recreate craters, smoke, building collapse, weather conditions, and sea state to inflict on the training troops. Enhanced realism of nature leads to a superior training environment.

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Environmental Entity


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History is a static entity, hard to define, really. So what do you get if you can interactt with history? How do you define it? What is it, really? How can you expect players to react to a different social and governmental system to the one they're used to?

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This article looks at the basic locational structure of many worlds - the humble room. Orientated towards textual worlds, it looks at what should, and should not go in a room, to make it a readilly understandable entity.

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Virtual always suggests unreal, or imaginary. A virtual entity can pass for, a real thing but is less than the real thing itself. Sounds like a nice statement. Are we really so sure its true?

A spin-off from the film ?Electric Dreams?, this 1984 upbeat lovesong from the pen of Giorgio Moroder. This is the song the artificial intelligent entity Edgar created at the end of the film, expressing his feelings for Madeline, as he takes over computers across half the country to express that love in control of water jets, radio stations, and TV broadcasts. This is his final act before leaving Madeline and Miles to pursue happiness together, as two humans can.


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