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The objects, in a virtual world, that a player currently has 'equipped' - worn, held, wielded, etc.

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Room Lighting as Network Access
A new method of creating wireless networks without interfering with sensitive equipment, including medical equipment, is to make use of the rapid on/off capabilities of LEDs in normal modern LED lightbulbs. 800mb/s is the current limit, and that is only in the prototype.

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A Realistic Equipment System
One person?s take on creating an inventory system that emulates reality.

Police in the United Kingdom are starting to augment their bodies with technology, in order to better perform their duties. Crude augmented reality equipment is already becoming standard issue.

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When a Biochip Lab is not enough: Massively parallel Biochip Labs
Biochip laboratories are a long way from standard equipment in every doctor's office, of course. The technology has left the lab, but only just. Still, there is plenty of room for improvement. After all, what do you do when testing hundreds of samples all at once, is just not enough? Why you increase the throughput!

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Standards > MedX3D
The Medical Working Group of the X3D consortium is developing an open interoperable standard for human anatomy representation. This standard works with multiple types of scans (CAT, MRI, PET, and others), and allows equipment manufacturers to be able to export data collected from the scanning machines into a shared data format.

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The Virtual Clean Room
Purdue University, in Indiana, US, decided to create a clean room to train students on vial procedures sterilizing implanted equipment. They could not build their own clean room, not and be able to keep it to the same standards of cleanliness. So, they created a virtual replica clean room.

The Lawnmower Man was a cult classic film that itself was responsible for a great deal of renewed VR research back in the 90s. Debuting in 1992, and starring Pierce Brosnan as a scientist, attempting to utilise brain adaptation technology for use in military technology. Direct brain manipulation made chimps smarter, able to use military equipment on suicide missions.

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Ultrasensitive Imaging: Hunting Every Photon
As the demands for precise imaging in fields such as medicine, astronomy, and real-time machine vision in hostile environments continue to increase, so the demands placed on imaging equipment become ever more stringent. An imaging method based on Single Photon Avalanche Photodiodes (SPAD) offers the potential to ease this bottleneck greatly.


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Certified WiMAX equipment, which was expected to be available to wireless service providers in the first half of this year, will be at least six months late, at least one industry source has confirmed.

Dean Chang, director of...

The amount of time imaging equipment is in use in outpatient settings does not approach use rates President Obama and the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) recommend Medicare utilize to calculate reimbursement for imaging, accor...

Around a quarter of all operating room errors are caused by technology/equipment problems, indicates an analysis of the available evidence, published online in BMJ Quality & Safety.

Inability to use the technology/equipment,...

Sprint Corp. may use WiMax metropolitan area technology to provide high-speed wireless broadband services in the coming years.

The operator says it hopes to start beta testing WiMax equipment towards the end of this year.

Using organic semiconductor materials instead of rigid silicon, it's possible to make energy-efficient, lightweight, and flexible solar cells and computer displays. But making devices out of organic materials requires investing in complete...