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Experience is the standard marker of progress of a player character, used by gameworlds. It is the task of the player to accrue enough experience points to gain the next character level, and thus more abilities. The point of interaction often becomes the maximising of experience points.

See also: XP, Exp, Experience Treadmill, Grinder

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Character Advancement
Using the LARP model as an example, this article offers ways out of the standard experience levelling treadmill whilst actually increasing player enjoyment and longevity. After all, at the end of the standard experience treadmill, there is nowhere to go but out?

Linked resource
Beiing-There, Then...
If it becomes possible to display a complete recording of someone's present sensations via neuralprothesis as a file for another to experience, then it will likely also be possible to store these experiences, for replay later...

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PvP, Grief PK's, Death, Justice, Player Accountability
Why is PvP a problem anyhow? Are we looking at this from the wrong perspectice? Could PvP really be used to make the experience much more rewarding? Read this for the barest glimpse at the answers.

Linked resource
Being There, Now...
Through neural interfaces, it will be ultimately bepossible to record all of a person's senses about the area they are in. That leads to 'being somewhere else, now' in which a user can experience life at a beautiful locale, or historic discovery through the experiences of another - without going there themselves.

Locally Hosted resource
Can culture dictate the way we see?
The way the primary visual cortex in the brain develops, may not be hardwired after all, but may develop according to experience, according to some fairly stunning revelations from the University of Illinois in Urbana, US, in early 2007.

Locally Hosted resource
This interesting read deals with finding a balance between Role-Play, and the 'Hack & Slash' approach taken by gamers, allowing both to co-exist in the same world, happilly, without ruining the experience for each other.

Linked resource
Case for Multiple Experience Games
An interesting article, on the track of creating multiple entertainment experiences in a single product, rather than different titles ? allowing individuals to explore the same gameworld, even if their interests often diverge.

Linked resource
This Blessed Plot, Part One
An interesting article from Skotos, describing the basics of their ''grand theatres'' - worlds which lack the experience paradigm, but are totally based on plot and sub-plot.

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Resource List: Introductory VR
Coming into virtual reality cold, can be an overwhelming experience. For many people, the last they heard of VR was during the dot com boom of the mid 1990s. When it sank out of sight as the technology was not up to mainstream expectations, many ordinary folk assumed this field had dissipated altogether.

Locally Hosted resource
Immersive Newscasting versus Actuality
A quote from "Otherland: City of golden shadow", talking about the probable confusion that could result from a realistic enough, surround news feed versus actual physical experience of a disaster.


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A German study of cochlear implant recipients shows the recipients experience a significant improvement in their quality of life after the implant: better speech recognition, sound perception, social interaction, and mental health....

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web speaking ahead of the 15th anniversary of the day the web's code was put into the public domain by Cern, the lab where the web was developed, has said the web is "still in its infancy."...

4th January 2010
Paper Submission

The focus of SIGGRAPH 2010 Game Papers is: ?Addressing and Solving Practical Problems in Game Design and the Game-Play Experience.? Papers will be chosen for their degree of contributi...

Microsoft's "Manual Deskterity" combines touch and pen for a more natural user experience working with Microsoft Surface (tabletop touchscreen) and newer versions of Windows 7 tablet.

Microsoft?s aims are to combine pen an...

At the Intel Labs' annual Research at Intel media event today, Intel Corporation Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner announced a new research division, called Interaction and Experience Research (IXR), that is focused on defining new u...