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Extended Identity

Extended Identity is the term for the extension of identity into many discrete separate selves, usually by means of virtual reality avatars. Platforms such as ActiveWorlds, Second Life, EverQuest, World of Warcraft, have shown that someone?s sense of self, of identity, can transfer to an alternative body, in an alternate world. The identity of one individual thus extends to these many selves, and is an issue likely to cause severe personal and legal challenges as technologies mature.

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Extended Identity


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Identity Theft and Mudding
In an environment where identity is fluid, what are the pitfalls of assuming the identity of another? This article helps with several case studies, and the degree of real legal trouble the person can get into.

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Book Quotes: Liquid Identity
Identity. As we are able to recreate it more and more inside the virtual, can we also take more and more of another's, as well?

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Book Quotes: Identity Without Fixed Form
The thing about identity in cyberspace is you have the chance to wash away any and all physical identifiers, and become anything your mind can imagine.

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Voice Chat Can Really Kill the Mood on WoW
A commentary from Wired magazine on the advent of voice in the gameworld WoW, and how it is destroying the virtual identity ? physical identity threshold. Well balanced for both sides.

This 1996 movie has a great promise to pose a lot of questions as to the nature of identity. A pity really, that it has a budget of around ?5.99.

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Virtual Body: Fundamental Concepts: 2
When your physical form is not moving for an extended period of time, you start to develop potential issues. If there is a lack of use of your form for a protracted time, these issues deepen into serious concerns. This list is not exhaustive, but does highlight many of the major concerns with protracted VR usage as an alternate life.

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NASA to Study People Horizontal for Weeks
In one of those uncommon times when space travel research and virtual reality development collide, the NASA bed rest study program is designed to observe the effects of staying in bed for long periods on healthy individuals. The VR angle is it is an excellent way to gather data about extended periods with the mind plumbed into a virtual reality environment with the body just?there.

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EVE no Jikan (The Time of Eve)
EVE no Jikan is an anime series based around substrate chauvinism and self identity. It is an anime depicting the use of robots and androids as servants and slaves in a slightly futuristic but still contemporary society. In other words, the near future.

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EFIT-V: The Evolved Police Sketch Artist
The problem with photofit and sketch artists is, that human memory is not geared to remember fine facial features, even of people they know well. How then, to take advantage of facial recognition when looking for a suspect's identity?


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A law requiring South Korea's citizens to use their real names on websites has been struck down by a panel of judges.

The country's Constitutional Court said the rule restricted freedom of speech and undermined democracy.

If the wife of FBI boss Robert Mueller has warned him not to use internet banking because of the threat of online fraud, then what hope is there for the average Jo? The results of research published in a forthcoming issue of the Internation...

Ten corporate customers of Siemens' communications group will take part in a beta of Voltage's identity-based encryption, or IBE, toolkit, set to be unveiled later today. The technology takes identity information--such as an e-mail addres...

The eyes may be the mirror to the soul, but the iris reveals a person's true identity -- its intricate structure constitutes a powerful biometric. A new report by computer scientists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N...

Climbing into his Volvo, outfitted with a Matrics antenna and a Motorola reader he'd bought on eBay for $190, Chris Paget cruised the streets of San Francisco with this objective: To read the identity cards of strangers, wirelessly, withou...