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Extent of Presence Metaphor

The extent of presence metaphor or EPM is a measure of the degree to which a person feels immersed in a virtual, augmented, or mirror world environment to the point that it truly feels to one or more of their senses, that they are really there.

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Extent of Presence Metaphor


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Being-here, now...
"Virtual presence is indistinguishable from real presence." A look into the future of the neuralprosthetic and what utilising such will eventually mean for our definition of 'virtual' and 'real'.

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Our uncanny ability to spot a fake
A BBC article on the difficulty of maintaining the metaphor inside virtual space, and the issues with uncanny valley that make CGI realism so elusive.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ Mudd's Women
The Venus Pill, a metaphor perhaps for virtual reality, wherein even the most unfortunate individual can take a dose, and become as beautiful on the outside as their mind is on the inside. Like the pill, VR used in this manner is compellingly addicting.

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The Brain Unveiled
Technology Review's long, and in depth look at the rise of diffusion spectrum imaging, and how this new neural interface imaging technique is rapidly accelerating the study of both human and animal brains to an extent unparalleled by any previous imaging technique, even fMRI.

Adult VR worlds do not have to mean cybersex. Sometimes they are mature environments to wander and talk to others within, free from the presence of children.

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Haptics Impacts how the World is Viewed, Sight Impacts how the world is Felt
New research, published in the April 9,2009 online issue of Current Biology, reinforces the suspicion that senses play off of and reinfoce one another, to an even greater extent. In this case, MIT neuroscientists have found a corollary to the visual illusion process in the tactile sensory systems of humans.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ The City on The Edge of Forever
The guardian offers the chance to visit any time frame, any settlement, any possible world, exactly as it was, in intricate detail. It itself is not a VR since it changes the actual history of events, but in all other ways the metaphor is the same. It is a window upon worlds, in which countless possibilities unfold, and which may be stepped through; immersed into to see how any civilisation lived in the past.

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Book Quotes: Form Without Presence
A look at a simple yet profound quote of Arthur C Clarke's on connecting a remote waldo to your body such that you would not know the difference, and our thoughts on just how that would be accomplished practically.

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Visibility: Advertising Your MUSH
This short, but informative article looks at the various low cost, or free methods for successfully advertising the presence of your virtual world.


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GE Global Research, the technology development arm for the General Electric, today announced a $2 million award from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to develop wearable RFID sensors to alert people to the presence of...

Since the 1970s, researchers have been trying to develop a speech-based human-machine interface, but improvements are gradual, and some fear that the performance of current systems may not reach an adequate level for human interactions.

According to an official survey by national statistics offices across Europe, a total of 42% of households in the EU now have a broadband connection.

The survey also gives details of the extent of people's web skills.

With the help of the RP-7 Remote Presence Robot, Dr. Alex Gandsas, an associate professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, guided surgeons in Argentina through a laparoscopic gastric sleeve procedure for the tr...

Game Development Studio 2K Australia (creator of BioShock) provided A$7,000 cash plus a trip to their studio in Canberra for anyone who could create a bot to pass a "Turing Test for Bots."

The competition was run at the IEE...