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Eye Relief

Eye relief is used with HMDs and HUDs. It is a measurement of the distance between the eye, and the optics of the display.

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Eye Relief


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Virtual Pain Relief: Virtual limb could provide relief from phantom limb pain
Reproduced with permission of The Wellcome Trust, this article takes a look in depth at the use of VR based limbs, to trick the brain into thinking the limb is still physically there - and make the pain vanish.

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Imagination Eases Pain: Study Reinforces Effect Shown by VRs
A study has been performed on the use of imagination in children as a pain blocker. Whilst not directly connected with VR in pain relief itself, the results do serve to reinforce the position that diverting the child's attention elsewhere during a procedure, utterly diverting it and holding that diversion, is successful in removing the effect of pain.


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The pain relief offered by cannabis varies greatly between individuals, a brain imaging study carried out at the University of Oxford suggests.

The researchers found that an oral tablet of THC, the psychoactive ingredient in ...

A new study reveals that when it comes to pain control, the "placebo effect" involves evolutionarily old pain control pathways in the human brainstem, the part of the brain that is continuous with the spinal cord. The research, published ...

Bill Moorier, a software developer at justin.tv, has developed a Flash based interactive browser of his latest MRI scan.

In September 2009 my doctor recommended an MRI to rule-out a couple of potential conditions....

Wireless communication expert Mike Outmesguine has demonstrated an easy way to produce a "Network Relief Kit" - an ultra-portable method of connecting to the internet from almost any location in the world.

The entire kit ca...

By observing the pattern of activity in the brain, scientists have discovered they can "read" whether a person just heard words spoken in anger, joy, relief, or sadness. The discovery, reported online on May 14th in Current Biology, a Cel...