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1. HIVE or Highly-parallel Integrated Virtual Environment is a type of cluster computer based on a grid of Linux PCs. The first HIVE was created in 1997, and the concept continues today in Grid computing. The virtual environment Second Life is run off of a HIVE system of several thousand linux PCs.

A HIVE is made up of one queen (central processor and co-ordinator) a number of drones (specialised computers such as dedicated graphics processors or login servers) and an unlimited number of bees (brute force data crunchers).

2. HIVE or Huge Immersive Virtual Environment, is a type of physical movement tracking VR interface, capable of tracking users as they wander through a large, empty building space, superimposing VR imagery on the user senses via worn, wireless interface rigs. The virtual environment represented is artificially constrained to match the physical space, to warn users of physical walls.

First created at Miami University, HIVE systems pre-date omnidirectional VR treadmills and were in their day, the only method available for relatively unconstrained movement in VR.

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World Review: Beez Hive
World Review: Beez Hive welcome screen
Beez Hive is the fourth virtual environment created by Switch In software. It is very clearly meant to copy Bee Movie, using the same character and world design as that film. Right from first glance, it is obvious they took the codebase used in their other worlds, and put this together in less than one day.
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World Review: Active Worlds
World Review: Active Worlds welcome screen
Active Worlds is a crossbreed. Nominally used as a 3D chatspace, its also a hive of creative building, the codebase for several RPGs, and the source of inspiration for many new VR ventures.

AW itself is made up of a collection of worlds, sharing the same graphical base, yet it manages to maintain cohesion as a 'worldlet' of sorts itself.
Rating 49.5
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