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HUD, or Heads-Up Display. HUDs are used to display information to the user, in the form of a display which seems to float in mid air in front of them.

There are three types of HUD:

1. Fixed HUDs

Fixed HUDs are mounted directly onto a vehicle, and are only able to show an augmented view of what is directly in front of that vehicle.

2. Head-mounted HUDs

These days head mounted HUDs are usually created with direct laser beam into the retina, or via Augmented Reality displays worn like glasses. They track eye movement or head position and attempt to overlay virtual data in real time, on whatever the wearer is looking at.

3. VR HUDs

The VR HUD is an overlay of additional data that can be placed atop of a fully functional 3D world. Video games use them, as does social VR, and Google Earth.

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