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This interesting read deals with finding a balance between Role-Play, and the 'Hack & Slash' approach taken by gamers, allowing both to co-exist in the same world, happilly, without ruining the experience for each other.

World Review: Adventure Quest
World Review: Adventure Quest welcome screen
Adventure Quest is a Hack and Slash, graphical style MUD. The premise is extremely simple. You are a resident of the town of Battleon, and an evil army of untold proportions is marching upon your town. You take up arms to defend it. Yes, the plot is Clich?, but that is deliberate. In fact, everything about Adventure Quest is deliberately clich?. The entire world is dedicated to quick, but satisfying fun.
Rating 75.5


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Using a laptop and custom-written software, researchers at University of Washington and University of California, San Diego were able to hack into the control systems of a car.

In tests done wirelessly via the Internet, they ...

A US tech journalist was cut off from his entire digital life by attackers who tricked Apple support into re-setting his iCloud account.

The attack wiped Mat Honan's iPad, iPhone and Macbook and let hackers into his Gmail an...

Insurgents in Iraq have hacked into live video feeds from unmanned American drone aircraft, US media reports say. Shia fighters are said to have used off-the-shelf software programs such as SkyGrabber to capture the footage.


Flight simulator site Avsim has been "destroyed" by malicious hackers.

The site, which launched in 1996, covered all aspects of flight simulation, although its main focus was on Microsoft's Flight Simulator.


Despite amazing advances in computers and cameras, people with serious visual impairments are often aided with the most basic technology imaginable: a cane.

Earlier this year, juniors Eric Berdinis and Jeff Kiske, both comput...