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Haptic Glove

A haptic glove is a form of dataglove – an interface worn over the hands to track finger movements. However, unlike a dataglove, a haptic glove allows two-way sensation. As well as sensory to track the joint movements, it also contains a haptic interface, usually haptic bladders, which inflate and deflate against the skin of the palm and each finger segment. These recreate the feeling of touching a virtual object, applying different levels of pressure in response to how solid or squidgy the virtual object is supposed to be.

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You Tube of the first haptic, bionic arm versus a non-haptic
A comparison. Two women, both with prosthetic limbs. On the left, a standard prosthetic. On the right, a haptic prosthetic giving touch feedback. Who can complete the task faster, and is there much difference?

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Book Quotes: Assessing Haptic Threshold
An interesting little quote from Mona Lisa Overdrive which provides brain fodder to chew on for the future of haptic (touch) interfaces.

One of the severe problems with haptic input devices (other than the very, very basic type that jack directly into the nervous system) is that the mechanics of hand-held systems only bend or push so far, then they hit engineered limits and the feeling dissipates.

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Packbot to gain Haptic Feedback
In October 2009, iRobot announced that they would be receiving additional funding from the US Robotics Technology Consortium. They plan to use much of this money to add full haptic feedback technology to their heavy-duty robots.

Police in the United Kingdom are starting to augment their bodies with technology, in order to better perform their duties. Crude augmented reality equipment is already becoming standard issue.


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Commwell, a company out of Evanston, Illinois, has developed an ECG lead placement system that takes a lot of the guessing out of the process. The PhysioGlove is a 12 lead applicator that the patient holds down to their chest during the ECG...

LOS ANGELES ? NTT Cyber Solutions Laboratories will demonstrate a new approach to perception technology at the Siggraph 2004 Conference and Expo this week that untethers the virtual-reality experience from gloves and wires.


Some U.S. soldiers in Iraq are already equipped with wearable computer systems. But the lack of efficient input devices restricts their use to safer environments, such as the interior of a Humvee or a base station, where the soldier can set...

Two fourth year electrical and biomedical engineering students at Hamilton's McMaster University, Ontario, Canada, have taken the concept of the cyberglove, and developed a CPR system with it.

Outfitted with sensors, circuit...

In one of the strangest attempts at augmented reality, researchers at the University of Tokyo in Japan have invented a head mounted haptic sensor.

It uses a series of infra-red sensors positioned around the device at interval...