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Hard Shadow

Hard shadows are the simplest and least realistic form of shadows in a virtual environment. A shadowed area, behind a light occluding object, which has a sharp, hard line between the shadow, and a lit area. The unnatural hard ending makes the world feel fake.

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Virtual girl is firmly placed for all time, in the category of camp, cheesy, low budget trash, attempting to pass itself off as VR. It?s a film with a schizophrenic direction. Half the time it is trying oh so hard, so desperately hard to be a sci-fi film about VR technology gone wrong. The other half of the time, it is trying to be soft core pornography. Thus, it fails miserably at both.

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Soft-Edged Shadows
A coder?s article about creating realistic, dynamic soft shadow in real-time interactive, and complex scenes.

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Immersive Newscasting versus Actuality
A quote from "Otherland: City of golden shadow", talking about the probable confusion that could result from a realistic enough, surround news feed versus actual physical experience of a disaster.

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Otherland: Is this a real place?
A lengthy quote from the book "Otherland: City of Golden Shadow", by Tad Williams, which sums up the dialectic between physical reality and virtual reality, in one of the most succinct and apt ways we have encountered.

Read this series for the twisting, evolving, many diverse threaded storyline, or read them for the wonderful imagery, and enchanting ideas for VR of the future. Whichever reason makes you pick up one of these, you are in for one hell of a ride!

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Large Image Display: Toy Story: 1995's Cutting Edge
A look at the 1995 milestone movie Toy Story, and an interesting question is asked: Why are modern mainstream VRs only just coming out from the shadow of that world-quality, 14 years later?

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Book Quotes: Puppets and Citizens
A look into the world of Otherland; where bots and human users are so hard to tell apart, they have had to have legislature passed to mandate telling them apart. Will we ever reach this point? Probably.

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Lone Wolf Killers Part II: The Development Phase
A collection of essential tips and tricks for producing a viable world. Written mostly for games, it's not hard to read between the lines and find it applicable here, as well.

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Legal Issues for Rookie Development Studios Part III
The final piece in a series of three, this article takes a long, hard look at protecting the company/group's copyright, via the age-old horror - the employee contract.


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