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Head Mounted Display

A Head Mounted Display (HMD) is a device which fits over the head, typically blocking out the outside world, and fully immersing the user in a virtual world by providing slightly different views to each eye, and containing a tracking system, to track the position of the user's head, updating the image to follow that movement.

Early HMDs, popular in the mid 90s, were large, clunky, and caused motion sickness and neck pain in many of their wearers. This was the greatest cause of the decline of immersive VR in the late 90s.

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The Head Mounted Display, or HMD was one of the first true VR interfaces. It has gone through many changes over the years, and introduced new medical conditions. HMDs remain popular even today, but what are these strange boxy devices? How do they work?

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VR Interfaces: Sega VR
A look at the Sega VR, a head mounted display and fully immersive interface of the early 1990s, that somehow never quite managed to make it off the ground.

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VR Interfaces: CyberMan GVD510-3D
Released December 2005, the CyberMan GVD510-3D head-mounted display is a stereoscopic display unit, with a resolution of 640 x 480. Made by Kopin Corporation, China, this unit is essentially part of the new trend of video eyewear, combining HUD and HMD in one device.

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VR Interfaces: Vuzix iWear AV 310
In November 2008, Vuzix (formerly Icuiti) launched two new additions to their video eyewear range, designed to make you look like Geordi La Forge from Star Trek. One of these new HMDs, the AV 310, is something of a first. It is a widescreen head mounted display, specifically designed for 16:9 format.

The first of the ?video eyewear? phenomenon, the Icuiti V920 arrived in the world in early 2005. This thin strip was the first time the concept of a hybrid head mounted / heads up display had been launched. It turned out to be quite a nice unit, certainly betterthan many attempts since.

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Automated Calibration Method Developed for Optical Microscopes - and HMDs
Industry News

An automated calibration method, designed for optical microscopes, may find a home in head mounted display units and heads-up augmented reality systems.

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Creating a Budget Head-tracker with the Wii-Mote
A demonstration of both the use of a Wii-mote as a cheap head tracker, and a demonstration of head tracking, rarely recorded

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Large Image Display: Chrysalis: Optical Door Locks
This still from Chrysalis shows a very different method of locking and unlocking your front door than we are used to. There is no key and no key hole. Instead, what there is is a retinal scanner embedded in the door level with the average head. Peer in and if it recognises you, it unlocks. If not, there is nothing to pick.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Blending Displays with Drapes
There are several potential ways this display is working. One of the simplest and most plausible is a colour e-paper display behind a completely transparent display medium. The e-paper handles the picture, 'refreshing' the colour display to a matt black when the layer in front, the graphical display is activated. As soon as that deactivates, the 'oil' is re-drawn. Simple, elegant, and still far beyond us.

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Large Image Display: Simone: Split Personage
In the film Simone, take Victor, a failing film director, was able to embody himself, mind and desire as Simone, the beautiful actress entirely under his control. Yet, there was another aspect that, at least in this case, turned the paradigm entirely on its head. Two bodies, one mind, much breakage.


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Toshiba, maker of electronic equipment, has unveiled a prototype full-faced headgear for immersive virtual reality display.

Looking a little like the illegitimate child of a mating between an astronaut helmet and a flogistro...

Renault?s new driving simulator owes a lot to aircraft flight simulators. It is intended to be just as realistic. Codenamed ultimate, the Renault simulator is the world's first fully realistic road vehicle driving simulator for industrial ...

Augmented Reality devices are showing up more and more now, as this sight device for the blind or partially sighted demonstrates. The head-mounted computer tracks objects close to wearer as they move about.

As soon as it dete...

Looking at the near future, it appears that VR interfaces are finally starting to advance beyond the old paradigms. University of Toronto researchers have created a system that frees 3-D graphics from the restraints of flat computer screens...

(Press Release) 3001 Medical, LLC, a developer of virtual reality medical products, today announced plans to focus R&D on development of a head mounted display for medical imaging and procedure guidance. A division of VR technology company ...