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Hearing Immersive Interface

A hearing immersive interface is an interface of any type which completely eclipses the user?s own sense of sound. It might be considered as simple as binaural headphones which block out all external sound, or cochlear devices which process sound, receiving their input from another source. A hearing immersive interface?s use results in the only sounds the user is capable of hearing, being those coming from the virtual environment the interface is connected to.

See also: Immersive interface

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Hearing Immersive Interface

Immersive interface


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VR Interfaces: Explorer 500 P Hearing Assist
The Explorer 500 P is a hearing assist device, designed specifically for children and infants. Unlike traditional hearing aids, it employs substantial artificial intelligence software that enables its functionality to grow with the child, maximising development potential for children with hearing disorders.

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iPhone Based Hearing Aids
A novel and very practical use for an iPhone as an auxiliary hearing aid has been developed. The soundAMP program takes control of the iPhone, and essentially uses the in-built microphone to boost ambient noise levels.

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A Sensor Web of Hearing Aids
At the start of April 2009, a US firm, Oticon, started shipping a rather interesting concept, essentially hearing aids that plug into the local wireless network as you walk around. Whilst this company may be the first, it's a definite interest area for others.

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VR Interfaces: Sega VR
A look at the Sega VR, a head mounted display and fully immersive interface of the early 1990s, that somehow never quite managed to make it off the ground.

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Virtual-Reality Program Recreates Traumatic Memory
An innovative project at Tripler Army Medical Centre utilises an immersive virtual reality interface to take patients back to the war zones they experienced, to treat their battlefield stress.

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Moot Court Hearing On The Petition Of A Conscious Computer
A Moot Court Hearing on the Petition of a "conscious computer" to be treated as a legal person was held at the 1st Colloquium on the Law of Transhuman Persons in Florida earlier this year. This write-up outlines in plain-form how such a case might actually go, and the issues all sides would have to consider - is an artificial being sentient?

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HMDs, Caves & Chameleon: A Human-Centric Analysis of Interaction in Virtual Space
An elegant comparison between three very different forms of hardware-mediated virtual reality - HMD immersive displays, CAVE immersive VR systems, and Chameleon VR systems that carve out a nook for themselves within the physical world.

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Virtual Environment For Dentistry - VDITS
The Virtual Dental Implant Training Simulation Program or VDITS is designed to help students in diagnostics, decision making and treatment protocols. However, its use is ultimately limited because VDITS is a fishbowl VR interface, not an immersive one - it expects participation via monitor screen, mouse and keyboard, rather than a full on virtual experience, at least at this stage.

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The Human Brain has a Network Backbone
An unexpected discovery of a hierarchical networking scaffold inside the human brain itself, has interesting implications for future neuroprosthetics. Rather than having to interface with the grey matter right where computations are being done, we may in fact only have to interface with the white matter 'between departments' as it were, to achieve the same interface effect.

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Oticon, out Somerset, New Jersey, last week released a new set of hearing products, including two new lines of hearing aids and a system to wirelessly listen to music, television, or speak over the phone with much ease. The ConnectLine wire...

Human ear cells vital for hearing have for the first time been created in the lab, and could eventually yield new treatments for hearing loss.

Such cells have been created before from mice, but the new cells will reveal more ...

Hearing aids and cochlear implants act as tiny amplifiers so the deaf and hard-of-hearing can make sense of voices and music. Unfortunately, these devices also amplify background sound, so they're less effective in a noisy environment like...

The new Micoy camera System has been created to make real-time immersive worlds such as Star Trek holodecks, a reality.

The system is basically a set of cameras, that recordd 360 degrees by 360 degrees - the entire sphere aro...

Sonitus Medical out of San Mateo, California is a company that's betting on bone conducting dental hearing implant technology. The SoundBite Hearing System that the firm is developing consists of a unit that has a microphone and wireless t...