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Height Map

A height map is a matrix of co-ordinates referring to specific points within the virtual world. This grid contains values at each point that indicate the height of the land above some minimum point. Typically this is imported into a virtual environment with a fixed size grid and is used to sculpt mountains, valleys, hills, and rivers by use of vertexes from point to point.

See Also: Height Mapped Terrain

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Book Quotes: Avatar rooted in Physical Details
There is a lot packed into this snippet from SnowCrash. In order for any of this height restricting to work, the virtual environment would have to know who you are, and have access to considerable detail about you, including of course, your height information. Otherwise, people would actually have avatars higher than themselves.

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Lawnmower Man
Created in 1992 during the height of the first great public VR hype, Lawnmower Man is a little on the hammy side, but is that rarest of rare things: A sci-fi film that has done its homework. Every VR sequence, all the VR hardware is directly based on actual capabilities of the time, and nothing is done that could not be done from a VR and interfacing standpoint.

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3-D Modeling Advance: A single photo can be reconstructed into a 3-D scene
Building on the premise of Parallax mapping, in which 3D displacement of surfaces is faked by means of displacing textures both by creating a height map of their protuberance from 3D space and then calculating the angle of that protuberance relative to the angle the observer is looking, Microsoft and Make3D have created a process allowing a single photo to become a 3D scene.

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VR Interfaces: Ahra-A
The first of the Ahra series of robots was produced by KIST - the Korean Institute of Science and Technology - in 2005. This robot was identical in weight, height and body shape to the Mahru robots the institute also develops. However, there were some differences. Ahra's body was coloured orange and white instead of the blue and white of the Mahru series.

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Java Virtual Environment Device Interfaces
Java Virtual Environment Device Interfaces or JVEDI are specialised driver interfaces, written in Java, to allow VRML based VR worlds to access more advanced interface devices. The JVEDI project was last active in 2000, at the height of VRML usage, however the drivers still exist today, courtesy of the Visualisation and Virtual Reality Group.


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No, really. An enthusiast has released a construction video of how to build a mulitouch interface out of a cardboard box, stick back plastic, paper, and home-made ciruit boards. Not for everyone perhaps, this truly shows how cheap such inte...

WD-2 is a robot who looks like anyone and everyone.

It has a face made of a rigid yet elastic material called Septom, which, when rods are pushed into the rear surface at any of 17 key points, changes its shape to mimic huma...

South Africans are testing the use of GPS-guided model airplanes to transport blood and saliva samples from remote areas to a central laboratory. Rather than each location having the facilities to test and upload the results, they simply ha...

As 2008 comes to a close, another video is released, showing fembot Aiko?s progress in designer Le Trung?s attempt to build a woman.

Androids Dance, Slide and Fight at Robo-One Competition
Gladiatorial matches between bipedal humanoid robots, a thought-controlled robot, and one that can flip its head back so you can ride it were among the robots featured in Robo-One, an event last weekend in Toyama City, Japan.