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Hidden Line Removal

Hidden line removal is a stage up from simple wireframe models. Using hidden line removal, the faces are considered as well as the lines, and any wireframe line that is occluded by a polygonal face, is simply not drawn. This is the beginnings of the process of conversion from simple wireframes, to the 3D models we use today.

See Also: Wireframe, Wireframe Model

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Hidden Line Removal


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Remember those old movies with the long conga line in them? Well, imagine that the line is a line of gamers. But some of the gamers can't dance. So, no conga for them. They're just watching their friends have fun while dealing with a frustrated desire to dance themselves. That is what it is like for an estimated 20-25% of the population over the age of 17. This is because these potential gamers have one or more physical or cognitive disabilities. Games and VR worlds do not provide for them, so they cannot participate.

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Convex Hull Simplification With Containment By Successive Plane Removal
A fairly short overview of an interesting, and immensely handy simplification method, with the potential to reduce the number of calculations needed in a scene.

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Here we see the lovable disaster area that is Robo Dog 3000. As we find out much later in the film, Robo is a cyborg, much like the other members of Stepford. AA champion terrier's brain plus a minimal life support system, is hidden inside that shell, and hooked to considerable neuroprosthetics. This allows the dog to behave and think like a normal dog, whilst appearing to be fully robotic.

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Permanent Death Sliderule
?Permanent removal of the ability for a player to control his avatar within the game system is known as permanent player death (PPD). Few game mechanics actually attempt to make use of PPD, though the reasons for this vary. The purpose of this article is not to identify the strengths or weaknesses of PPD within a given game system, but to present one implementation of it.?

A resource list, dedicated to chronicling the efforts of recreating severed limbs via virtual reality, so as to fool the brain into believing the limb is still attached, and thus eliminating the chronic pain, with sensations of stabbing, burning or cutting which are often severe, that 65% of amputees suffer.

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The Ethical development of Detail
This article is designed to mark a line in the sand, to clarify the principles which the author firmly believes are needed to stop "righteous internal sabotage by players, in the name of roleplaying".

The Emperor Workstation is a high end work/gaming console from NovelQuest, designed as one in a long line of attempts at total immersion pods.

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Bringing Eyecare to those without Optometrists
How do you care for the sight of people in the developing world, or below the poverty line in the developed world? Those who cannot afford to see an optician, and those for whom the nearest optician might be 2,000 miles away? Sometimes the best solution is not the most complex.

World Review: Universal
World Review: Universal welcome screen
Universal is the latest in a long line of ?IOI? worlds ? infinite object interactivity. The PR blurb proclaims a world where you can do anything. As a member of a galactic, spacefaring civilisation, it seems like a mix between Eve and Elite, with a bit of everything else thrown in.
Rating 46.5
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MAARS Robots
MAARS, short for Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System, is QinetiQ North America's latest product in the SWORDs line. Designed to replace the originals, which had teething problems in the war in Iraq, mainly a lack of trust in their operations.


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