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Higher-Order Surfaces

Higher order surfaces are a relatively new phase in 3D modelling. Rather than base every object on simple primitive shapes such as triangles, that can fit together to make any larger shape, more powerful graphic accelerators support higher order surfaces: complex lines and curves that are generated by algorithm inside dedicated hardware. These are not often used, due to the lack of standardisation between accelerators.

See Also: Patches, Procedural Modelling, Parametric Surfaces

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Book Quotes: Avatar rooted in Physical Details
There is a lot packed into this snippet from SnowCrash. In order for any of this height restricting to work, the virtual environment would have to know who you are, and have access to considerable detail about you, including of course, your height information. Otherwise, people would actually have avatars higher than themselves.

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Quadruped Robots > Big Dog
BigDog, a creation of Boston Dynamics, is the poster child for quadruped robots. A large, bulky pack-bot, it is designed to go anywhere a human soldier can go, walkingh across any terrain, with four firm feet. It can walk on almost any surface, run on those same surfaces, recover from being whacked hard when standing still or running, and carry half a tonne with every step whilst it does all this.

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3-D Modeling Advance: A single photo can be reconstructed into a 3-D scene
Building on the premise of Parallax mapping, in which 3D displacement of surfaces is faked by means of displacing textures both by creating a height map of their protuberance from 3D space and then calculating the angle of that protuberance relative to the angle the observer is looking, Microsoft and Make3D have created a process allowing a single photo to become a 3D scene.

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Readers should get game-literate
A timely report from the guardian's staff blogs about how video gaming, rather than being the death of literature, is truly another form of it, one which is crying out for writers, and which stands a very good chance of becoming a higher art form itself.

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Trust and Computing: Trust Higher when Machines Appear Human
A study on the other end of the uncanny valley to usual approaches - on how humanising interfaces is always going to be beneficial versus mechanical-seeming interfaces, because the illusion of humanity engenders trust.

A detailed look at the haptics and total immersion based VR welding simulator. Brainchild of both SGI and VRSim, this training device uses VR to train to a higher degree fster, than the physical world does. It also does without special ventillation and useless metal offcuts.

Brainstorm takes place in and around a government lab, where scientists are working on the technology to allow sensations and higher brain functions to be scanned directly from the brain, recorded onto a tape then played back, allowing another person to experience them in full. Both recording and playback are accomplished through the same device 'the hat'.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ Shore Leave
Star trek episode Shore leave, is basically Westworld without the malfunctions, and taken to a higher level made possible by 3D printing - a technology with us in essence, now.

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Brain Reading: Diffusion Spectrum Imaging
Diffusion spectrum imaging is a new technique at time of writing, which allows magnetic resonance brain imaging, at a much higher level of fidelity than fMRI permits.

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CAVE usage in Research spreads to Microbiology
A CAVE-type installation has been installed in India, for use by the mircobiology research and technology centre IMTECH. Virtalis, the manufacturer of the specific CAVE-variant technology used; the ActiveWall system, have been extremely keen to promote this major VR installation. Great news as it is for them, it is of course even better news for the increasing push to see highly immersive VR interfaces made increasingly pervasive in higher learning.


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Case Western Reserve and the Cleveland Hearing and Speech Centre are experimenting with a total-immersion surround VR lab, as a tool to truly help children with speech disorders communicate in the outside world.

Basically, th...

The EPFL (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS) is working on a robot made up of soft, floating modules that connect to each other through electroadhesion.

Electroadhesion uses very...

Silicon is the workhorse of the electronics industry, serving as the base material for the tiny transistors that make it possible for digital clocks to tick and computers to calculate. Now scientists have succeeded in creating near-atomical...

Kazunori Umeda and Naoya Ogawa from Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan have created software which allows digital cameras and camera-phones to capture 3D information about a scene rather than just 2D information, turning photos into environmen...