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Highly-parallel Integrated Virtual Environment

Highly-parallel Integrated Virtual Environment or HIVE is a type of cluster computer based on a grid of Linux PCs. The first HIVE was created in 1997, and the concept continues today in Grid computing. The virtual environment Second Life is run off of a HIVE system of several thousand linux PCs.

A HIVE is made up of one queen (central processor and co-ordinator) a number of drones (specialised computers such as dedicated graphics processors or login servers) and an unlimited number of bees (brute force data crunchers).

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Highly-parallel Integrated Virtual Environment



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Vivox, Bringing Integrated Voice to Virtual Worlds
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Gartner research have predicted that in five years time 80 percent of Internet users will have an alternate life within at least one virtual environment.

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Myrl is setting out to add a bit of 'joined up thinking' to virtual worlds, building a 'social gateway' that links competing worlds with the web, and with social networks.

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