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Holophonic Audio

Holophonic audio is audio recorded using the process of holophony. This is essentially the combination of a recording and a sound map, which for each note determines the distance and direction from the user's point of listening the sound should originate from. When played together over stereo speakers, the result is 3D sound.

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VR Interfaces: VRIxp
VRIxp is a medical diagnosis device using what is perhaps a novel form of 3D visualisation. It uses audio analysis of vibration deep inside the body to assemble precise structural detail.

A different sort of iWear device, Vuzix's AV 230XL is panoramic, yet designed solely for audio-visual playback, not for interactivity,

The pulse is a pen, a biro which is held and written with like any other. However, unlike most, it digitally records every pen stroke, and picks up the audio in the room at the same time, linking the two together and storing them on an internal 1GB or 2GB flash memory system.


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Visually impaired people are now increasingly able to join in the video game and virtual world spheres thanks to audio games.

The market utilisation for these titles is still woufully underachieved. "My guess is that about 3...

All audio recordings for the just-passed TechnologicalSingularity Summit 2007, are now freely available online....

A new audio/video cable techology is being developed that might spell the end of HDMI cables, which are currently used to connect a wide range of audio and video devices. The new technology is known as HDBaseT and carries audio and video si...

Researchers at the University of Southampton have developed a new way to generate music and control computers.

"Grab a block and add a base beat, turn a block to speed up the high hat and we have a new way to generate music ...

Sony today announced its first A/V receiver capable of supporting 3-D audio and video.

Featuring HDMI 1.4 3D pass-through technology, ample high-definition connectivity and compatibility with all of the latest Blu-ray Disc au...