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Homo Cyber Sapiens

Homo Cyber Sapiens is a term referring to online, human-level intelligences. AI, Alife, and, in theory at least, uploaded human minds. It refers to the likely near future, possibly mid-term, when artificial intelligence capable of surpassing the Turing Test is with us, and artificial intelligences -software agents- are advanced enough to become a species of humanity in their own right.

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Homo Cyber Sapiens


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Cyber Coach is a dance mat game that has received something of a boost thanks to added augmented reality capabilities. It has become a sort of modern day example of what the schools of the near future could become.

A lavishly illustrated collection of short interviews with people from all over the field of robotics. The book is 240 pages long, but no one interview comprises more than four pages within it, interspaced with the illustrations.

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Podcast: Juan Enriquez: Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis
Juan Enriquez' humorous talk from TED 2009, meandering through the state of the economy, developments in stem cells, tissue cloning and robotics - and how they are all connected. Very funny, very poignant. It will not say anything you do not already know, if you have kept up with transhumanist work, but serves as a nice, low barrier introduction.

World Review: Dreamland Park
World Review: Dreamland Park welcome screen
A gem of a social system, tucked away, out of the mainstream, DLP offers a little slice of cyber-utopia for a small number of friendly people, outside the usual realms of 3D chat.
Rating 61.5

A mis-fire in the teledildonics industry, this early attempt at sexual stimulation in VR fell short after it was discovered it had a minor side effect - bodily secretions caused a lethal electrical discharge.

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Second Life Sketches: Please stop doing that to the cat
A humourous, and at the same time, mildly disturbing tale of life in Second life, when the cyber gets out of hand, and begins to affect physical world laws of the country of origin.

Augmented reality tagging has begun to creep forwards as a technology for some years now. If you can co-ordinate virtual data with physical locations, you can tag something, and correlate to a virtual database. Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed a system which is designed as a memory aid for the elderly, to build on this concept.

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Cyber Planets: Building Virtual Worlds to Explore Signs of Real Life
In 2002, the Virtual Planetary Laboratory began a five year study to simulate as many life-supporting planets as possible, in the hope of unveiling the characteristics in common to support life. This short article summarises the project.


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The White House's acting cyber-security tsar has resigned from her post, according to the Wall Street Journal. Melissa Hathaway told the paper she was leaving for "personal reasons" and would return to the private sector.


June 5th – June 8th, 2012
Tallinn, Estonia

International Conference on Cyber Conflict is NATO CCD COE’s annual conference. For the fourth year in a row the NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence invites ex...

Cyber war has moved from fiction to fact, says a report compiled by security firm McAfee, it bases its conclusion on analysis of recent net-based attacks. Analysis of the motives of the actors behind many attacks carried out via the interne...

Malaysia is considering establishing a "cyber court" to deal with the increasing number of crimes related to the Internet and blogging, a report said Tuesday.

Communications Minister Shaziman Abu Mansor said more than 30 In...

South Korea and the United States have agreed to cooperate in fighting cyber attacks against their defence networks from countries including China and North Korea.

The April 30 deal calls for an exchange of information on det...