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Huge Immersive Virtual Environment

Huge Immersive Virtual Environment, or HIVE, is a type of physical movement tracking VR interface, capable of tracking users as they wander through a large, empty building space, superimposing VR imagery on the user senses via worn, wireless interface rigs. The virtual environment represented is artificially constrained to match the physical space, to warn users of physical walls.

First created at Miami University, HIVE systems pre-date omnidirectional VR treadmills and were in their day, the only method available for relatively unconstrained movement in VR.

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Huge Immersive Virtual Environment


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World Review: Taurius
World Review: Taurius welcome screen
Not every persistent, immersive virtual environment is geared for kids, or is even suitable for them. At the same time, adult does not have to mean sexual. Adult can simply be a nice, mature environment where friends can relax and interact.
Special Client Required

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Virtual Environment For Dentistry - VDITS
The Virtual Dental Implant Training Simulation Program or VDITS is designed to help students in diagnostics, decision making and treatment protocols. However, its use is ultimately limited because VDITS is a fishbowl VR interface, not an immersive one - it expects participation via monitor screen, mouse and keyboard, rather than a full on virtual experience, at least at this stage.

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HMDs, Caves & Chameleon: A Human-Centric Analysis of Interaction in Virtual Space
An elegant comparison between three very different forms of hardware-mediated virtual reality - HMD immersive displays, CAVE immersive VR systems, and Chameleon VR systems that carve out a nook for themselves within the physical world.

Facial expressions, is exactly what you would expect. It is predominately a huge collection of physical human faces, ranged 20-90, photographed in a huge variety of expressions and emotional states.

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Augmenting Virtual Environments with Physical Stats
When you are engaged in a virtual recreation of a physical event, particularly sporting events, and you think you are getting quite good. It could be a huge boost to the ego, or a crippling slap, to find yourself suddenly competing with the world's greatest in that sport, using their latest data.

In the modern era of VoIP and face to face communication, we are in danger of losing the power of virtual reality in a kind of mixed reality system. For whatever reason: nationality, lisp, burr, mixed gender heritage or simply being half drunk or high at the time, the market for the voice you emit to be synthetic, to be virtual is huge, preserving the integrity of the virtual world, by keeping the purely physical out.

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PC Specs for Virtual Worlds: General
In order to appreciate the true majesty of any virtual environment, you require the most apt hardware for displaying sensory data that you can afford. For the most part, this article is directed towards home uses of VR. The home user with a seven-year-old office computer, who can barely access a modern virtual environment, lagged to death and not understanding why.

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Book Quotes: Hypercards and File Transfers
Basically, a hypercard is a file. Not any type of file, but a file in general. Or, more specifically, it is a standardised object that represents a file in a 3D immersive environment. No different really than an icon. Tied to the data in the file, when a hypercard changes hands, the file changes computers.

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Encoding smells in the Brain: A must for recreation?
Industry News

In early January 2008, a Rice University study published in the Journal of Neuroscience found that socioemotional meanings, including sexual ones, are conveyed in human sweat. This raises the question for immersive spaces, if such dynamic scents need to be synthetically reproduced to provide a firmer social environment in tele-mediation.

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Virtual-Reality Program Recreates Traumatic Memory
An innovative project at Tripler Army Medical Centre utilises an immersive virtual reality interface to take patients back to the war zones they experienced, to treat their battlefield stress.


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(Press Release) Immersive Media Corp., has announced a research collaboration with the Pacific Telehealth & Technology Hui (the "Hui") located at Tripler Army Medical Center, Honolulu, HI.

The Hui acquired an IMC Telemmers...