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Human Computer Interface

The human computer interface is a generic name for the point at which the computer system interfaces with a (presumably) human user. It is the point where organic and technological systems mesh, and as such encompasses all interface modalities.

Human computer interface design is a major component of the field of human computer interaction, usually towards making the interface as simple and as intuitive as possible.

Interfaces that tend towards a replication of activities in the physical world tend to do this the best, however they are of course more complex and costly to design and build than simple mouse and keyboard solutions.

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The Human Brain has a Network Backbone
An unexpected discovery of a hierarchical networking scaffold inside the human brain itself, has interesting implications for future neuroprosthetics. Rather than having to interface with the grey matter right where computations are being done, we may in fact only have to interface with the white matter 'between departments' as it were, to achieve the same interface effect.

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In the Works: MEMS Brain-Computer Interface
Industry News

In 2008, Caltech researchers are working on developing a MEMS-based (Micro-Electro-Mechanical System) brain-computer interface, with initial designs proving promising, and holding the potential to overcome the signal degradation problem.

At CHI 2009 (computer Human Interaction conference,) many new modalities of interface were demonstrated. One of the more practical was the product of a team from ETH Zurich's Wearable Computing lab. Vaguely resembling the bastard child of a set of safety glasses and a HMD, the EOG goggles are an eye movement tracking system, that requires no external hardware to operate.

A novel interface paradigm computer, the QB1 is the brainchild of one Fr?d?ric Kaplan, an engineer with a background in robotic systems for Sony. He worked with designer Martino d?Esposito of EPFL in France, to create a computer system with no mouse, no keyboard, just an on/off switch, and the ability to recognise and respond to gestures.

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Flexing, clear computer components
In an augmented world, you may well have one or more of three distinct types of computer interface on, or even in your body. There are augmenting reality devices, prosthetic components, and direct-wired virtual reality interfaces. All three share aspects in common. Among them, that they all require considerable computing power as close to the implant as possible.

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The Best Computer Interfaces: Past, Present, and Future
Technology Review has assembled an itinerary of the most revolutionary mainstream computer interfaces of the past, current times and anticipated for near future. Nothing to surprise here. The list contains 10 interface methods, and surprisingly, vanilla VR did not make the list.

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The Uncanny Valley: Effect of Realism on the Impression of Artificial Human Faces
A MIT Presence magazine free feature. Roboticists believe that people will have an unpleasant impression of a humanoid robot that has an almost, but not perfectly, realistic human appearance. This is called the uncanny valley, and is not limited to robots, but is also applicable to any type of human-like object, such as dolls, masks, facial caricatures, avatars in virtual reality, and characters in computer graphics movies.

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AI researchers believe 'Rascals' can pass Turing test
Passing the Turing test -the holy grail of artificial intelligence, whereby a human conversing with a computer can't tell it's not human- may now be possible via VR with a Blue Gene supercomputer, according to AI experts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

The girl who was plugged in, is a refreshing, if tragic short story. It centres around the familiar if not often talked about concept of plugging the human brain into a computer, then using this computer/brain hybrid to control a different body.

In the 50 years since the inception of Artificial Intelligence, computer scientists have made remarkable achievements that can be seen in computer games, childrens toys, your home PC and nearly every facet of human life. In this popular approach to understanding AI, David Levy captures the essence, excitement and potential of Artificial Intelligence.


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The X Prize Foundation recently announced that it's working on a new contest that will be offering $10 million to the winner to develop a breakthrough in brain-to-computer interface (BCI) technology. If the foundation comes up with adequat...

A computer interface inspired by the futuristic system portrayed in the movie Minority Report, starring Tom Cruise, could soon help real military personnel deal with information overload.

The film sees characters call up and ...

11th International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction,

jointly with

* Symposium on Human Interface (Japan) 2005
* 6th International Conference on Engineering Psychology & Cognitive Ergonomics

The 7th Australasian User Interface Conference, to be held in Hobart, Tasmania on 16-19 January 2006 is a technology-focused forum for user interface researchers and practitioners from Australia and New Zealand, and throughout the world. Th...

October 7th 2012 - October 10th 2012
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

UIST (ACM Symposium on User Interface Software and Technology) is the premier forum for innovations in the software and technology of human-computer in...