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Hyper Real

Something is said to be hyper real when a natural reality and an artificial reality of high fidelity collide, to the point where the senses are completely subsumed and the mind can no longer tell what is ?real? from what is not ?real?.

Virtual reality may eventually create a hyper real situation, or augmented reality might. That is the goal both are working towards, but it is uncertain if they will ever reach.

See Also: Hyperreality

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Hyper Real



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The Hyper IMS system is a prosthetic implant designed to track and monitor a person's blood pressure in real time. Designed to reduce the need for continual doctor visits, unnecessary drugs and stress, the prosthetic organ is implanted directly into the femoral artery in the groin. There, it monitors blood pressure thirty times a minute.

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Hyper-connected generation rises
A report from the BBC on the rise and rise, and rise of the [first] Internet generation, and at how social networking and virtual worlds are basically an integral part of life now, for many.

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What's in a name? ...a demotion for the darling concept of the real
Virtual always suggests unreal, or imaginary. A virtual entity can pass for, a real thing but is less than the real thing itself. Sounds like a nice statement. Are we really so sure its true?

This book looks at the halfway there virtual reality of video gaming, arguing that such worlds are half-real, consisting of real rules in a fictitious world. Winning or losing in the physical world, but slaying the beasts within the virtual.

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Real-Time Feedback System for Skiers Opens Possibilities
The vLink Computer System approach to skiing is rather novel. It's a data collection sensor set that clips to the front of a pair of skis, and in real-time, monitor in real-time forward speed and lateral displacement data of the skis as the skier proceeds down a mountain.

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Real Innovation
What is real innovation? This short article tells you what it's not and lists several worlds that truly are innovative - and what makes them that way. Read this, to avoid becoming just another 'same old'.

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Real learning in a virtual world
A look at teaching in virtual worlds, particularly Second Life, along with the real benefits such educational methods bring, from Christian Science Monitor.

Michael Heim, the author of this book, describes modern 'VR' as a pale imitation of real VR. On this point, he is of course, all too correct. He then goes on to state that the real thing is fast approaching. We'll soon be able to totally immerse ourselves in detail-rich, highly interactive artificial worlds....

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A new technique in Magnetic Resonance Imaging dubbed "Hyper-SAGE" has the potential to detect ultra low concentrations of clincal targets, such as lung and other cancers. Development of Hyper-SAGE was led by one of the world's foremost a...

Intel Corporation introduced its revolutionary Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor and Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor Extreme Edition today, bringing Intel?s award-winning and super-fast Nehalem microarchitecture to the mobile market.

August 9, 2004 - SIGGRAPH - Los Angeles - The Web3D Consortium today announced that the X3D? specification has been approved by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as International Standard ISO/IEC 19775 with formal publication e...

A futuristic world, complete with autonomous household companions, android medics and even robot entertainers, will greet visitors to the Prototype Robot Exhibition in Japan from 9 June, 2005.

"This is a chance for researche...

(Press Release) VirTra Systems, Inc. today announced the submission of three patent applications on its new IVR 4G combat readiness simulator to the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Following the broad patent applic...