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Hyper-SAGE is the name of a MRI enhancement which increases the resolution fidelity significantly over standard MRI. It allows the detection of defects in a living organic body, at a resolution which is approx. three orders of magnitude better than standard MRI.

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The Hyper IMS system is a prosthetic implant designed to track and monitor a person's blood pressure in real time. Designed to reduce the need for continual doctor visits, unnecessary drugs and stress, the prosthetic organ is implanted directly into the femoral artery in the groin. There, it monitors blood pressure thirty times a minute.

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A report from the BBC on the rise and rise, and rise of the [first] Internet generation, and at how social networking and virtual worlds are basically an integral part of life now, for many.


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Intel Corporation have started shipping a new, hyper-performance processor for gamers, and high-end simulation machines. Featuring clock speeds of 3.2Ghz, and more than two MB of cache, this hyper-threading processor will allow desktop p...

Intel Corporation introduced its revolutionary Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor and Intel Core i7 Mobile Processor Extreme Edition today, bringing Intel?s award-winning and super-fast Nehalem microarchitecture to the mobile market.

A futuristic world, complete with autonomous household companions, android medics and even robot entertainers, will greet visitors to the Prototype Robot Exhibition in Japan from 9 June, 2005.

"This is a chance for researche...

Online learning communities flourish best if individual learners have self-governance. That is the conclusion of a US study published in the International Journal of Web Based Communities.

Binshan Lin and John Vassar at the C...

Eleven years ago, academics Barbara Rothbaum and Larry Hodges published a paper about using VR to help people overcome a fear of heights. Since then, the number of psychologists and psychiatrists using virtual reality as a tool to treat anx...