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Interpupilary Distance

IPD or InterPupilary Distance is a measure of the standard distance between a person's pupils (ignoring lazy eye, and other sight issues). It is used in stereoscopic VR interfaces, to gauge how far apart to place the two views that make up the stereoscopy.

In theory, a smaller or larger IPD could be used to give the feeling of having a smaller, or larger head to the user. For example, a very large IPD could give the proper perspective for looking through the eyes of a dragon.

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Interpupilary Distance



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Photo Distance Represents Trustworthiness
In a finding that is of particular importance when combined with various attempts to create a personalised avatar by mapping photos of your own face to it, University of California researchers have discovered that the distance between the photographer and the subject is crucial to the trustworthiness of the resulting picture.

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Indusgeeks: Distance Learning through SecondLife
Indusgeeks has built a platform on Second Life that enables students in distance-learning programmes to plug into a simulated environment replicating and enhancing physical life learning processes

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Long Distance Relationship Aids: Mutsugoto
Romantic keep-a-lives for long distance relationships have come in the shape of lamps that glow when one partner thinks of the other, flashing icons on one another's desktop that glow brighter when the other clicks theirs, and so on. A new attempt to enter that space, is Mutsugoto, an augmented reality drawing program.

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Way too cool for school? Try virtual learning
A mainstream press article from June 2008, citing research suggesting distance education, and VR based education can outperform traditional classroom study

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The Omni-focus
The omni-focus is a camera system with the ability to function much like the human eye - capturing objects in its field of vision regardless of the distance, in perfect focus. It even adapts an algorithm from VR, in order to do so.

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Magic Symbol and Video Conferencing: Expert Help Over Distance
A rudimentary but workable system using magic symbol codes and augmented reality to put an end to hellish support calls. Now, via a videoconference even over a cellphone, the person on the other end can see and work with the hardware causing the problem.

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Program is the fifth of the Animatrix animated shorts concerning different interpretations of virtual reality. It opens on a field of blowing reeds, very samuraiesque as a charge of Japanese warriors on horseback ride up from the distance and plough through, flaming arrows mounted in their bows, ready to be loosed at a moment's notice.

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A Dark World
It is beyond dark, it is pitch black. No motes of light, to glittering beams, no nothing. You blink and cannot tell if you did just blink or not. Away in the distance a humming begins. You hear it, and turn towards it. It is coming from your left, and down a ways. Beyond that you cannot tell. Reaching out, you grasp at empty air. The fear rises as you reach out for something, anything to grasp on, and through some flailing, you find a smooth wall.


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