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Kill-spawning is a griefer activity. It involves finding the spawn point for new players - where they re-enter the world after their avatar was killed - and sitting there with a big gun, killing them again the moment they emerge.

Kill-spawning is usually calculated to make the griefer feel better by inflicting as much harm on other people as possible ? and being killed every few seconds for minutes on end, with no way of stopping it, does indeed make an activity very unpleasant for someone.

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SWORDS - Special Weapons Observation Reconnaissance Detection Systems - & Robotic Warfare
Whenever you ask someone about robots being used to kill people, they almost without fail, think of the Terminator movies. Those few that don't, usually think of Star Wars droids, or other humanoid killing machines. Currently, we barely have two legged robots that can handle office buildings or race tracks, so these fantasies are still just fantasies. Robots deployed in war, to kill the enemy, that, is not a fantasy, and more are being produced every year.

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To P, or not to P (-Kill that is)?
A look at why players either embrace player-killing gladly into their heart, or else shun the practice altogether.

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Simulation versus Shoot-em-up
An older article this, from the MUDding community, arguing pro role-play over a kill anything that moves slugfest. More specifically it takes a reasoned look at how you can encourage one over the other, in your playerbase.

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Voice Chat Can Really Kill the Mood on WoW
A commentary from Wired magazine on the advent of voice in the gameworld WoW, and how it is destroying the virtual identity ? physical identity threshold. Well balanced for both sides.

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High Tech Hunting Peters Out
Designed to enable disabled hunting, internet based animal hunting was co-opted for a couch-potato hunting technology in early 2005, allowing people to kill animals from the safety of their homes via a web-based flash interface.

Starring Edward Furlong (Terminator 2), the premise is that this teen is sent the latest in VR tech through the post ? Brainscan, the ultimate in VR video gaming. Slipping the headset on, he finds himself playing as a murderer. He has to kill another human being, and not leave any witnesses. A four stage game, he completes the first stage, and finds to his horror, the murder really did take place.

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3D Printing Body Parts and Teeth: What's Next?
An overview of how 3D printed prosthetics are changing dentistry. Covering in overview form, several different technologies for creating teeth: Everything from creating custom bridges to exacting perfection, to creating teeth that kill bacteria in the teeth around them, just by being used.

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The Bug Process
Bug tracking is a major headache when you?re shipping any code product. In a MMO or social VR world where the world is persistent, and you have test builds and live builds scattered across several servers, bug tracking can become a major migraine. How then, is best to track and kill these annoying bugs in persistent products?

City of Villains is the long-awaited sequel to City of Heroes. It casts you as a super-villain in a large metropolitan city. First and foremost a combat-edged experience, battle other super-villians for control, or plan and commit treacherous plots. Kill would-be heroes, and cops, terrorise innocent bystanders, all on your quest for domination.


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Israeli Defence Forces are deploying automated weapon robots along the border of the Gaza Strip to create a buffer kill zone to prevent any human crossing.

The system, called the "See-Shoot" system, is currently being inst...

LEGAL action is to be taken against Rockstar Games who made Manhunt, a violent, virtual reality immerson level killing game, which is being blamed for inciting a teenager to murder his 14-year-old friend.

Giselle and Patric...

Writing in the latest PLoS Biology, researchers from the University of Wisconsin, Madison are wondering whether sleep is really a biological necessity, or maybe it's just a function created by evolution to kill time and avoid stress.

A worm targeting Symbian mobile phones shows mobile botnets may be here soon, says the latest threat report by security firm Fortinet. Sexy View can spread through malicious links in text messages, creating a bridge between mobile phones an...

Remember corrupted blood? Blizzard have done it again, accidentally infecting their servers with another plague. This time, within a week, they have acted to kill it. The ?undead plague? was designed to be highly contagious and, if left unt...