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Kinematic Pair

A kinematic pairing occurs when two rigid body objects, either physical or virtual, are jointed around a shared pivot point. Good examples include prosthetic arm joints and avatar pieces.

See Also: Kinematic Chain

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Traditional Archery FAQ
The FAQ of a pair of archery newsgroups, this document forms an excellent definition for most general types of bow, across the world, and back through time. Information found within is just as suitable for virtual recreation as it is physical.

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Interfaces > DesIRe
DesIRe is a gesture recognition system designed to aid virtual reality systems interfaces. It works via a variant on MoCap: The user dons a pair of datagloves embedded with illuminated LEDs.

Linked resource
No bionic people yet, but war fuelling new advancements in prosthetics
A pair of interviews with Adele Fifield, head of the National Amputee Centre for The War Amps in Ottawa, and Kevin Englehart at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, home to one of North America's most advanced prosthetic research facilities.

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5 Year old Gains Prosthetic Legs
A five year old British girl who had her all of her outer limbs amputated due to meningitis has become the youngest person to benefit from a pair of intelligent prosthetic legs.

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Star Trek: The Original Series, & VR ~ The Menagerie, Part 1
The Menagerie is the classic episode pair for highlighting the critical difference that whilst a VR-mediated life may be horrid to a person at the peak of physical ability, for someone so disabled in body that they are pushed to the edges of society, it is a true godsend.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Matriculated: Cyborg Watchers
This still from Animatrix: Matriculated, shows something that may well be in our future. This solitary pair, one human one monkey, sitting by the sea shore, are both cyborgs, wired together in an intimate network of friendship, closer than any pure physical bond.

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VR Interfaces: OI/OO Teledildonics Wii Attachment
Developed initially for the 2008 'plug and play' teledildonics conference hosted by Bauhaus university in Germany, on 11th till 13th July 2008, the OI/OO seems oddly named until you realise what it is: A pair of adapters designed for the Wii-mote of the Nintendo Wii, with personal pleasure very much in mind.

VRD or Virtual Retinal Display is an offshoot of HMD display technology, which, instead of placing a pair of display screens in front of the eyes, actually projects an image directly onto the human retina with low-energy lasers or LCDs.

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Remote-Controlled Humans
Industry News

Industry news from August 2005, featuring the debut of 'galvanic vestibular stimulation' or GVS. GVS is a means of controlling the input sent to the body's balance centres via a pair of devices behind the ears. Capable of tilting your balance to make you think you are moving in any direction at any time, GVS offers many hopes for cheap, mass-market movement simulation.


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As a promising Caltech graduate student in applied physics, Stephen Kurtin could have taken a job offer from Intel at the dawn of the microelectronics era 40 years ago. Instead he followed the path of a lone inventor, gaining more than 30 p...

(Press Release) Cheetah3D 4.0 was released at the end of March. The fourth major release of Cheetah3D finally offers character animation tools. With Cheetah3D 4.0 you can now easily animate characters for creating your own 3D short films.

The U.S. military is increasingly looking at robotics systems and direct brain interfaces for it?s war units. So, perhaps this development should come as no surprise.

Luke's Binoculars (after the high-tech binoculars Luke Sk...

University of Massachusetts Amherst researchers have built a robotic arm that can approach unfamiliar objects such as scissors, garden shears, and jointed wooden toys, and learn how they work by pushing on them and observing how they change...

Physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology have overcome a hurdle in quantum computer development, having devised a viable way to manipulate a single "bit" in a quantum processor without disturbing the information st...