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Kinetic Organic Interface

Kinetic Organic Interface or KOI, enables the design of computers that adjust their shape according to some computational outcome, or through interactions with a user.

In other words, the computer would physically morph its shape in response to data processed. The result is a kind of almost claytronic 3D display, rendering data almost in sculpture.

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Kinetic Organic Interface



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Shape Memory Materials, Simulation and Prosthetics
Shape memory alloys are composite materials which can 'remember' a given shape or form, and revert back to it when a charge is passed through them, or they are warmed past a critical point, or another condition is met. They deform then reform, essentially flowing like organic tissue without actually being organic.

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The Human Brain has a Network Backbone
An unexpected discovery of a hierarchical networking scaffold inside the human brain itself, has interesting implications for future neuroprosthetics. Rather than having to interface with the grey matter right where computations are being done, we may in fact only have to interface with the white matter 'between departments' as it were, to achieve the same interface effect.

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Smart Fabrics ? Wear your Augmented Interface
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Woven cicuitry turns your clothing into the interface for your life. Just add your phone or ipod, and let that program your clothes for you.

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VR Interfaces: Inupathy - Neural Interface Dog Mood collar
The Inupathy collar is an empathic collar, a brain machine interface for your dog, that visually transmits your dogs emotions in real-time, by reading the dog's heartbeat as a biometric marker for the emotional turmoil going on inside. It learns and adapts to the dog, and offers an insight into your best friend's thought process, to bolster the ones you already have. It's a brain machine interface for the heart.

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Houseplants as Interface Devices
Disney Research has come up with a truly novel type of interface device a way to turn any house plant into a programmable haptic controller, by taking advantage of the capacitive capability of plants.

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Brain Machine Interface Enabled Wheelchair
Researchers at the University of South Florida have developed a wheelchair-mounted robotic arm, which is capable of interfacing with the wheelchair user's thoughts via a non-invasive neural interface.

A heart-warming production of Steven Spielberg, in which robotic and organic individuals work together as peers; sharing the same space and coexisting, to improve the quality of life for all.

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Co-Processors for the Mind: New Directions in AI
The film The Stepford Wives (2004) may be fictional, but it represents an angle that we are now pursuing in our world. Merging man and AI, or more specifically creating AI which can be bonded into the organic brain, such that the two work in harmony to produce something new.

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Large Image Display: Chrysalis: Natural User Interface in Paperwork
A look at the tabletop interface system, a form of NUI that has long been sought after, but as the French film Chrysalis imagines it. A form which strongly resembles current efforts, but has the added benefit of being just a few years ahead of us, and is willing to show the capabilities off.


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In a vacuum, light travels so fast that it would circle Earth more than seven times within the blink of an eye. When light propagates through matter, however, it slows by a factor typically less than 5. This factor, called the refractive in...

Plastic that conducts electricity holds promise for cheaper, thinner and more flexible electronics. This technology is already available in some gadgets -- the new Sony walkman that was introduced earlier this summer and the Microsoft Zune ...

A team led by researchers at Stanford and Harvard universities has developed a new organic semiconductor material that is among the speediest yet in the search for a fast, durable organic semiconductor. The scientists also accelerated the d...

University of Utah engineers demonstrated it is feasible to build the first organic materials that conduct electricity on their edges, but act as an insulator inside. These materials, called organic topological insulators, could shuttle inf...

DEK International, a provider of equipment and processes for high accuracy mass imaging of electronic materials, has won a Global Technology Award for an interface which utilises VR techniques to display complex machine and process data for...