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Law of Accelerating Change

First proposed by Ray Kurzweil, the Law of Accelerating Change is becoming more and more undeniable. It states simply, that not only are things changing rapidly, but the rate of change itself in increasing at an exponential rate. Developments which took the past five years to achieve, frequently double their progress in the next two, quadruple it the year after.

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Law of Accelerating Change


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Ray Kurzweil is a formidable force in VR and AI. Hell, he is a formidable force anywhere he has turned his attention. He has a knack for predicting the future, and so far so far not a single one of his predictions has ever been wrong. This book is his theory on Accelerating Intelligence made flesh and a warning for the monumental acceleration of technological change in the years to come.

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WARP: Accelerating Wireless Technology Development
Prior to 2006, any attempt at investigating wireless technology, developing a new algorithm for propagation, or even trying for a whole new standard, all shared one thing in common: The phenomenal expense for the research team.

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The Brain Unveiled
Technology Review's long, and in depth look at the rise of diffusion spectrum imaging, and how this new neural interface imaging technique is rapidly accelerating the study of both human and animal brains to an extent unparalleled by any previous imaging technique, even fMRI.

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Architecture's virtual shake-up 2: Physical Buildings, designed Virtually
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With the accelerating tech curve, and building skills becoming ever more refined for virtual environments as the tech advances, at some point it was obvious that builders in virtual worlds would become architects in the physical one.

The dream of a prosthetic limb that touches and feels like a natural limb, is still some ways away. A natural arm or leg processes sensory data at a rate we just do not have the bandwidth to recreate, much less tie into the human nervous system. That said however, significant progress has already been made, and development continues at a rapidly accelerating pace.

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This Blessed Plot, Part Three
Looks at the most powerful of all plots - those which force a permanant change to something within the world, and what you have to bear in mind to achieve this.

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Using VR to change behaviour - Beating the Bullies
The results of a 2006-2009 study on using believable VR to teach why bullying is bad have been published, and it just might have revolutionized AI along the way.

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Coping with change
A guide for virtual environment administrators in dealing with playerbase issues with changes made to the world. Ideal for new and small worlds alike.

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The Mud Administrator
A short, sentimental article from the turn of the century, lamenting how even back then, once the bar for world creation was lowered, the net became full of low-quality worlds. Some things it seems, never change.

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Doom: An Indicator of Change
A look at Doom, the iconic videogame that acted as a killer application for 3D first person and multiplayer immersion for the mainstream, back in 1993.


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"The power of ideas to change the world is accelerating and few people grasp the implications of that fully," says futurist Ray Kurzweil.

"People don't think exponentially, yet exponential change applies to anything that ...

The ever-accelerating pace of technological change may be minting a series of mini-generation gaps, with each group of children uniquely influenced by the tech tools available in their formative stages of development, says psychologist Larr...

In a speech reminiscent of Kurzweil's law of accelerating intelligence, at a speech to the Northern Virginia Technology Council, Gates speculated that some of the most important advances will come in the ways people interact with computers...

Nvidia Corporation have announced three new CGI products designed to create film-quality graphics:

* Gelato 2.0 rendering software for film studios.
* Amaretto, an Autodesk 3ds Max rendering plug-in for Gelato.

Robotics is a powerful force, one of the greats of modern, accelerating science. Continually growing, evolving, bettering its own development, puulling from all fields, and increasing pace. What is driving this? Military might? No. Entertai...