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Level Of Detail

Level Of Detail is a process using algorithms that determines the appropriate level of detail for an object. It is usually based on importance of the object, capability of the rendering computer, and distance from the viewpoint at that moment.

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Level vs Non-Level
For gameworlds, this one. A comparison of the relative benefits of level based experience systems, with a level less system based on individual skill.

This book is an introductory level coverage of AI. Specifically it covers methods and algorithms that allow computer programs to automatically improve through experience. Intended for upper level undergraduate and introductory level graduate courses in machine learning, it is understandably light on content in many areas.

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An introductory-level overview of the field of prosthetic limb replacement, and the level of development it is reaching.

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Advancement Revisited
A detailed look at advancement systems for gameworlds, can be found in this article, going beyond the relative skill level comparison route, to discussing why hiding skill level gains will not work, the problems with comparative scoring for skill levels, and proposing a solution which offers greater incentive to learn, on the part of the player ? at the cost of more thought required by the developer.

This is a great product, in so many ways. From the captivating romantic plot, to the stunning scenery, and attention to detail. It truly immerses you in medieval life.

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The Elements of Good Mythtelling, Part Two: Singular Plot in Theory
This article takes a look at the hero's journey, and dissects it quite thoroughly into it's individual sections, which are then explained in considerate detail.

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The Ethical development of Detail
This article is designed to mark a line in the sand, to clarify the principles which the author firmly believes are needed to stop "righteous internal sabotage by players, in the name of roleplaying".

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Harpies - a Look in Detail
The harpy has long been a well-known figure in mythology. However, unlike many other mythological creatures, very little has been written about them, almost nothing in fact. This article attempts to provide a realistic view of the harpy as a creature.

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VR Interfaces: VRIxp
VRIxp is a medical diagnosis device using what is perhaps a novel form of 3D visualisation. It uses audio analysis of vibration deep inside the body to assemble precise structural detail.

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Mud Administration, Can You Handle It?
This decade-old article has not lost any of its potency. If you seek to run any virtual world, the responsibilities redouble with the level of power you hold. Be sure you are capable of acting fairly, or it all will come crashing down about your ears.


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