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A lifelogger is a person who utilises biohacking techniques and technologies in order to track or log all inputs and outputs to their own biological body and all its systems. Lifeloggers track in minutiae all their inputs on a day to day basis. They track what food was consumed, the quality of the air they are exposed to, where stress occurs and how bad it is, even down to tiny details as where and at what time of day they felt aroused.

Some lifeloggers even go so far as to pair recording devices with their senses – a video log of everything they see, an audio log of everything they hear, even a gait analysis log of how they're walking.

They then use thus mountain of data to analyse how the inputs to their lives affect the outputs – their experiences, their successes, their sickness rate, etc. Due to the extreme density of the number of possible inputs into a person's daily life, lifeloggers rely heavily on augmented reality technologies and wearable computing devices networked together in order to automate the data gathering process, so they can focus on actually living their lives rather than constantly focussing on the minutiae as it streams in.

As such, lifeloggers themselves are frequently responsible for developing new body area network computing devices or wearable computing devices that could also be used for augmented reality or virtual reality applications.

Lifeloggers are also sometimes known as Quantified Selves

See Also: Body Area Network, Wearable Computing, Biometrics, Biohacking, Gait Analysis, Transhumanist, Transhumanism

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