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An old term, from the early MUD users. Link-dead means that the VR participant's line went dead, booting them out. However, their avatar remained, a silent statue awaiting orders that might never come.

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Link Between Deafness and Speech Deterioration
A physical link between the loss of a given sense and changes in the wiring of the brain for other output modalities has been discovered in songbird studies. It gives us more reason for caution when embodying for any length of time in a body other than that we physically possess.

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Virtual Body: Fundamental Concepts: 1
In order to link a mind to a virtual body, which will be controlled by the same subconscious and conscious impulses as a physical body should be, the link connecting the mind to the physical body, save for autonomous finctions, is likely to require severing or blocking for the duration of the virtual immersion.

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Aztec Templo Mayor: A VR World in a Book
It's a novel concept, creating an elaborate VR world with painstaking detail then primarily only giving access to it through the pages of a dead-tree printed book. However, that is just what Antonio Serrato-Combe, professor of architecture at the University of Utah, did.

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Information Theoretic Death
In the purely physical world, death is a straightforward thing: You are either alive, or you are not. When you add in the purely virtual, heavily interconnected worlds of cyberspace, that model changes drastically. When do you deem someone to be irredeemably dead, if part of their mind is active and self-modifying online?

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Telerehabilitation to treat Physical Disorder
Telerehabilitation - rehabilitation conducted via remote link, as a variation on telepresence, would seem to be a good answer to patient treatmeent availability issues. It is used extensively for mental disorders. Can it be used for physical too?

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Online Games & The Law, Part Five: Property Rights
An interesting article, concerning the "right of publicity" laws in the USA, where you're not allowed to use someone's name or likeness to sell your product. This is a problem if you use a celebrity - even dead, in-world. The article also looks at and explores the developing issue of Virtual Property Rights, and your legal standpoint as a developer.

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Virtual autopsies dissect humans and animals
In 2008, Anders Persson, director of the Centre for Medical Image Science and Visualisation at Link?ping University, Sweden, created algorithmic improvements to CT scans, sharp enough to be used as 3D virtual autopsies.

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Large Image Display: AWGate 5.0: Self-Assembing Logos
This is the entrance world for ActiveWorlds, which every newcomer to the various worlds sees when they come in. It is thus in their interest to make it as flashy and awe-inspiring as possible. Those trees are all around the outside of this small world, and if you look at them and then conclude that they are nothing more than an irregularly shaped rock retextured with a leaf pattern, masked, and then dropped on top of a bark textured flagpole, you would be dead on the money. That is precisely what those are.

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VR Interfaces: HOPSCOTCH
The Hopscotch system is based very much on the childhood game of the same name. A combination of that, the design of the keypad from a modern mobile phone, and the link between physical exercise and learning is what makes HOPSCOTCH the physical-based teaching aid it is.


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