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Liquid Crystal Display

A liquid crystal display or LCD is a display medium which offers high luminescence, relatively cheap manufacture, and is lightweight enough to be slotted like the lenses of glasses, into HMD units that weigh less than a dozen grams. This helps to eliminate the bulk problems with wearable interface devices and full immersion systems.

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Liquid Crystal Display


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VR Interfaces: G19 Gaming Keyboard
Logitech's G19 keyboard is in its own way, a serious attempt at a mainstream VR interface. It is designed as a gamers keyboard, attempting to heighten immersion for gaming for the majority of users who do not touch-type. The board actually has an adjustable liquid crystal monitor built into the back of it, above the function keys.

One of Anne McCaffrey?s great trilogies, this one deals with the crystal singer Killashandra, and the wondrous world of Ballybran, whose almost unbelievable beauty, and unique characteristics are an inspiration to world builders of the possibilities that can be achieved.

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Book Quotes: Liquid Identity
Identity. As we are able to recreate it more and more inside the virtual, can we also take more and more of another's, as well?

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I See in My Crystal Ball...
Not an artile easy to sum up, this is essential reading for anyone thinking of going commercial - a look aheard at the battles that are going to be fought between worlds, in the near future. Of the views that have got to change, and the services that will have to be in place. Read it, or splash around. You have been warned.

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Large Image Display: The Stepford Wives: Blending Displays with Drapes
There are several potential ways this display is working. One of the simplest and most plausible is a colour e-paper display behind a completely transparent display medium. The e-paper handles the picture, 'refreshing' the colour display to a matt black when the layer in front, the graphical display is activated. As soon as that deactivates, the 'oil' is re-drawn. Simple, elegant, and still far beyond us.

VRD or Virtual Retinal Display is an offshoot of HMD display technology, which, instead of placing a pair of display screens in front of the eyes, actually projects an image directly onto the human retina with low-energy lasers or LCDs.

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18-Foot Wide Super-HD Multi-User Multitouch Display
On September 8th 2009, Obscura Digital installed the first display of its kind, at the Hard Rock cafe in Las Vegas, US. This display is a dynamically resizing, dynamically multi-user, multitouch display wall.

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Book Quotes: Battle of Britain Holo-display
A quote about a holo-display in a rosewood cube, casts an accurate picture of how display technology can be worked into everyday things, to make it a part of life.

The Perspecta display system was released by Actuality Systems in May 2005. Its intended purpose is as a 3D volumetric display capable of projecting a virtual object right in front of you.

The SportVue heads-up display for motorcycles and other motion sports is designed to augment the rider?s vision with a continuing display of computerised data about the terrain, weather warnings, their speed, and exact location on the course, without taking their eye off the path ahead.


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At the recent Society for Information Display conference in Los Angeles, Samsung showed off a 15-inch display made with blue-phase liquid crystals, a type of liquid crystal that researchers have known about for years but that no one had eve...

Various companies are currently trying to perfect the technology behind a new type of flat-panel display that will rely on diamonds or carbon nanotubes for image production.

FEDs (Field Effect Displays) will consume less ener...

Researchers at the Centre of Molecular Materials for Photonics and Electronics (CMMPE) (part of the Department's Photonics Research Group at the University of Cambridge) are leading the way towards the development of extremely high colour ...

Four giants of technology; Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba, Intel and Philips. All have something else in common apart from a drive for technology - all have failed miserably at liquid crystal on silicon or LCOS displays.

LCOS was s...

Recent research at the DUBBLE beamline has proved the existence of liquid crystals with two main axes. Liquid crystals with a single main axis are already used in LCDs (liquid crystal displays), but crystals with two main axes can make comp...