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Live, Virtual, and Constructive Simulation

All simulations can be categorised into one or more of the three categories live, virtual, or constructive. This compartmentalisation does have problems, as there is no set divide between the categories; they flow smoothly in continuous values from each to the other.

The degree of human participation in the simulation is infinitely variable, as is the degree of equipment realism. It also discounts the value of AI, which could be interpreted as simulated people controlling live equipment.

1. Live Simulation. A simulation involving physical people operating physical systems.

2. Virtual Simulation. A simulation involving physical people operating simulated systems.

3. Constructive Model or Simulation. Models and simulations that involve simulated people operating simulated systems (AI and Alife). Physical people input into the system, but the outcome is determined by the AI working on those outputs, and the rest of the parameters.

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The Simulation Argument: Why the Probability that You Are Living in a Matrix is Quite High
The film "The Matrix" Promoted a lot of philosophical musing on the nature of reality. One philosopher, Nick Bostrom, postulated 'the Simulation Argument', the belief that the world we live in, is in fact itself a simulation, and a complex scientific proof to support the idea.

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The Basics For A True Alternate Life
In order to create a truly alternate life, totally separate from the physical, to 'begin anew' in the virtual, and live as the person you were meant to be, rather than live with the deck of cards you were dealt when you were born, what are the very basics required?

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Brain prosthesis passes live tissue test
Industry News

Industry news, originally posted 14-11-2004. The world?s first hippocampus prosthesis has passed the first stages of live testing.

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Simulation In A Virtual Combat Environment Puts Surgical Skills To The Test
Industry News

A unique study by human factors/ergonomics researchers in Norfolk, Virginia, USA, has concluded that VR simulators may well be the best way to prepare surgeons for battlefield medicine, as it is ideal for creating a safe replica of the in high-stress, high-workload conditions combat zones present. Conditions which traditional training cannot replicate, and which often cause issues in medical staff encountering it live for the first time.

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Realistic Supernovas thanks to Simulation Runs
It is always pleasant when a research simulation unveils data that can be used in all sorts of other simulations – in addition to it's expected result. A new simulation on the formation of stellar novas, and the shapes they take, has provided just that.

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Large Image Display: Animatrix: Final Flight of the Osiris: Gap between Live Action and CG, Vanishing
A vivid reminder, in the comparison between the CG in Final Flight of the Osiris, and CG shots in the film Matrix Reloaded, of just how close we are coming to achieving the capability for all live action films to be entirely CG based, instead.

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virtual learning centre using the power of animation and simulation
This report from Fort Hays State University in the US, is a refreshing look at how educational establishments are independently starting to make use of VR to bolster learning. In this case, via the creation of a virtual learning centre using the power of animation and simulation.

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A Virtual Life: A half-life?
A sobering quote from Count Zero which does make you think. Even for those of us keen to experience life through the virtual as the great equalizer, unless we hit the point where VR is literally everywhere, with AR and physical life hopelessly intermingled and intertwined, a life solely through VR is always going to be a life at disadvantage, when interacting with others, who get to live in both.

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Balance in the Blood not just the Ear
Galvanic Vestibular Stimulation. For those of us familiar with it, it's a possible panacea to cure simulation sickness, and rope the sense of balance of the user directly into the simulation. Unfortunately, it seems there is a fly in the mixture.

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Interfacing with the Physical, via Robot
If the best way for an individual to live life, as is true for a fair segment of the population; if they desire happiness, and a life in which they are not judged for their physical shell, but for whom they are themselves, is to retreat from the physical, into the virtual, then this brings up certain challenges.


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